The squadron is run by the Executive Committee consisting of the bridge officers and three members at large.
They are elected by the general membership and installed in an annual ceremony the
"Change of Watch"
The bridge officers appoint committee chairmen to help in their various duties.

Squadron Commander: Cdr Janet C. Razze, AP
The Cdr assumes the ultimate responsibility for leadership and Management of the squadron. Squadron commanders report to the District Executive Officer.

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats."
(Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows)
Squadron Executive Officer: Lt/C Lawrence J. Wilhelm, S
The SXO is in charge of "external affairs". Boat shows, public relations, legislative, safety, etc.
Squadron Educational Officer: Lt/C Clifford A. Root, SN
The SEO manages all of the education activities including the Public Boating Course, Seminars and the entire membership educational curriculum. An Assistant Educational Officer is also elected to help in this important assignment.
Squadron Administrative Officer: Lt/C Quentin M. Graham, S
The SAO is responsible for the functions described as "internal affairs". Membership, boating activities, meetings and programs, entertainment, etc.
Secretary: Lt/C Joanne M. Wilhelm, S
Keeps the official squadron log of attendance and minutes of general, executive and special meetings. Keeps USPS headquarters up to date regarding membership particulars.
Treasurer: Lt/C Gary J. Razze, AP
Responsible for accurate financial reports and policy guidance for the solvent operation of squadron activities.

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The bridge officers can be contacted via email