The more boating knowledge you have the safer you will be on the water. 

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Intracoastal  Waterway:
How to read the navigational aids found on the ICW.
The ICW is all around Florida so you need to know about it.
Those pesky CD-ROM disks that come in the mail, don't discard them.
They can be useful on your boat.
Radio Do's and Don'ts:
Review your knowledge of proper VHF radio usage.
Early mariners were able to measure latitude with some precision.
Accurate measurement of longitude eluded them until the invention of the chronometer.
Crew Overboard:
An extremely hazardous situation.
Review your knowledge of recovery procedures.
Learn to tie the essential knots using animated diagrams.
Fuel Management:
Learn to find the engine rpm that will result in maximum cruising-range.