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Congratulations. Now that you have completed the course material, answered the review questions, and studied your state's boating regulations, the next step is to contact a local Squadron to make arrangements for the proctored examination. When you purchased America's Boating Course a local member of USPS probably contacted you by email with an offer to answer questions and provide assistance. Hopefully you have saved that person's email address because that individual will assist in setting up the test. If nobody contacted you, or if you cannot locate their email address or phone number, just enter your zip code in the following box to find the squadrons that are close to you. Telephone or email the squadron contact that is closest.
Find by ZIP is the easiest and recommended method.

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An alternate means is to enter the name of your city or town and state, or enter as many characters as you need to identify your city or town. Note: Case doesn't matter.

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Some notes about the final examination: when you purchased the ABC boating course over the internet your student kit included a validation number that entitles you to one free exam. Present that validation number upon arrival at the testing location. If multiple family members studied from the same kit there will likely be a nominal exam charge set by the local Squadron for the other family members.

The test is closed book, includes fifty general questions that are covered within the America's Boating Course manual, and an additional ten (or more) state-specific questions that have been provided by your State. Some squadrons may include a few additional questions on PWC operation. All questions are multiple choice; you just mark the provided answer sheet by shading in the appropriate a-b-c-d circle. A passing score is achieved by correctly answering 80% or higher of all questions. In some cases, the State requires that their state-specific questions be graded separately.

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