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Penfield Power Squadron

District-2    Initials-PF    State-CT
Name-Penfield Power Squadron   Chartered-1969    View District Map

Commander for 2016: Cdr Donald Peterson, JN
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News Letter Name
The Penfield Light

Cdr Donald Peterson, JN

dfp1061@gmail.com Email
203-255-3554 Telephone

Area/Description of the area the squadron/district covers
Fairfield, Southport, Bridgeport, Stratford CT

Location Information
06824 ZIP    41.13° (7.8') N LAT    73.28° (16.8') W LON
FAIRFIELD, CT    Fairfield County
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Squadron Membership
59 Current Members.
0 Associate Members.

Squadron Burgee

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

The lighthouse refers to Penfield Light, which marks the reef which extends out from the beach at Fairfield. The light is the prominent navigational object in the area and since most of the members of Penfield come from Fairfield, it was thought most a ppropriate as a symbol.

Squadron History

Squadron: Housatonic River Number: 2355 Initials: HS
Chartered: 1929
District: 2
In State: CT
Action: 2011 - Merged into Penfield

Housatonic River Squadron Burgee

Housatonic River Squadron Burgee Heraldry

Our Squadron Pennant is represented by the figure of Orion, the Mighty Hunter, in white against the blue field of the heavens. Thirteen vertical stripes signify to the average observer that this flag is a pennant of the United States Power Squadrons.Th e red star, positioned in the left shoulder of the familiar figure of the constellation Orion, would further identify itself to many as Bellatrix, the 13th navigational star. The Housatonic River Power Squadron was the 13th unit formed among the squadr ons of the United States Power Squadrons.

Boating Class Information
    Contact: Carole Heller, 203-259-4870, caroleheller@yahoo.com
    for a Boating Class: Fairfield Police Training Room, Fairfield, CT, 05/06/2017

Seminar Information
This squadron has no seminars scheduled