Welcome to District 22

District 22 is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons®, Sail and Power Boating, the world's largest non-profit boating organization. USPS is composed of over 400 squadrons nation wide and overseas. The squadrons are organized into districts, geographically associated, and District 22 is those located on the west coast of Florida.

USPS is dedicated to the promotion of boating safety through education. Each of our squadrons offers very comprehensive public boating education and you are invited to visit their individual websites or contact them to obtain up-to-date information for a course in your area.

The Squadrons which make up District 22 provide both public boat safety classes, and seminars to the boating community of Southwest Florida. Free Vessel Safety Inspections (VSC) are offered to boat owners to help them comply with the federal and state safety rules. This service is offered in partnership with the U. S. Coast Guard Axiliary and supported by Boat U.S.

The D 22 Fall Conference to be held 4 - 5 October has a new look!

      We listened to your comments and are boldly going where this conference has not gone before.  First, the annual Cruise and Rendezvous is dovetailed with the Conference.  Beginning 2 October, boaters will gather at Fisherman’s Village Marina for C & R activities.  The Marina is a short hop to the Conference Center and free transportation has been arranged.  D/C Ted Reiss will host a hospitality event at the Marina Thursday 3 October.


The important Commanders/Officers Meeting where ideas flow regarding Squadrons and how the District Bridge can help meet the needs of our district will be held Friday morning.

The Council Meeting (similar to Squadron EXCOM Meeting) will be held Friday afternoon to approve the budget and items for submission to the Conference.

The popular Chinese Auction will run Friday through the Conference Meeting on Saturday.  Be sure to obtain your chances on the many donations from squadrons and members. The auction winners will be announced immediately following the Conference.

Fountain of Youth theme of the C & R will continue at the Friday evening dinner for everyone’s enjoyment.


Multiple roundtables/seminars will be offered including Member Benefits, Instructor Recertification, How to Choose a Surveyor, free AIS Seminar, Skipper Saver, How To Navigate the National Website for your Benefit and a Town Hall with C/C Rep V/C Harry Hebb, SN, National Secretary.

Awards Luncheon is now the Keynote Luncheon.  No awards will be given.  Zane Xanders, the SW Regional Clean Boating Coordinator will be the speaker.  Clean water is near and dear to all of us.  We encourage your attendance to hear this important topic.

We have attempted to streamline the Conference Meeting in order to focus on what is important to all.  Many certificates are being eliminated and pictures will be taken after the Conference.

For your enjoyment, the District will provide coffee and pastries Saturday morning and appetizers and a beverage immediately following the Conference.