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Experienced people helping you be a more knowlegble  boater

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This course has been approved by the
National Association of Safe Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA)

Providing the fundamentals of boat design,
operationand Federal, State and Local regulations

Notice to all prospective boaters between the ages of 12 and 16 in Oklahoma.  Effective January 2007 you will be required to have a certificate of completion of
a recognized boating course with a proctored exam.  Our Safe Boating course will
satisfy this requirement.

Classes begin each evening at 6pm and last approximately 2.5 - 3 hours.  
The classes will be conducted at the GLA Visitor Center in Grove, OK. 

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Recent graduates of our BoatSmart course.  This course satisfies the requirements for the new Oklahoma boating education law.

Get yourself into this picture by
taking the next ABC 3  Class.

Our March 2014 students appear to be enjoying the expericnce


This class is designed to be useful for all boaters, from the person operating a personal watercraft, to the hunter or fisherman in an outboard, to the skipper in a family cruiser, or to the sailing enthusiast. All are subject to nautical rules and regulations. All should respect traditional courtesies of the sea. All are subject to the forces of nature. The course is meant to be of interest and value to the entire family, and older children are welcome; we encourage your family to attend as a group.

This course has been designed to meet the educational requirements specified by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). It is but the beginning of a boating education. USPS believes that the better educated a boater is, the more likely that boater is to be a safe skipper. We encourage you to follow up this brief and basic course with additional boating education. Safe boating is fun boating for passengers, crew, and captain!

Sail & power - basic terms, hull types, displacement, other design aspects

Fueling, preparing to cast off, turning & stopping, crossing a wake, boating courtesy, docking & undocking, anchors & anchoring, personal watercraft, boating courtesy, trailering

State boating laws & registration, fire extinguishers, flame arrestors, ventilation, life preservers, bells & whistles, distress signals, accident reporting, pollution control, alcohol afloat, using life preservers

Definitions; steering & sailing rules - all vessels, sailing vessels, power vessels, maneuvering, warning signals (sound); navigation lights

Lateral system of buoyage, aids to navigation - floating, fixed, lighted, unlighted, daymarks, sound buoys, ranges

Man overboard, restricted visibility, swamping and capsizing, collision, fire, medical emergencies

Operation, marine radio channel usage, calling procedure, distress & safety calls, radio abuse, citizens band radio, vessel information data

Successful completion of this course can result in upto 10 - 15% reduction in your boat insurance.  That is an annual savings.

It also satisfies the requirements of the State of Oklahoma for mandatory boating education of all vessel operators between the ages of 12 - 16. 

Courses are scheduled through out the year, they are open to anyone wishing to improve their knowledge of boating and boat safety. Visit our website for additional information on course schedules.  GO TO WEBSITE

Another service offered to the pleasure boating public is the Vessel Safety Exams.  This is a complimentary exam to determine if your craft has all the recommended safety equipment. Boats on Grand Lake successfully completing this exam will be awarded the USCG decal.    Click here for additional information.


For more information about the
 Grand Lake Sail and Power Squadron,
call (918) 786-9338