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We are your friends and neighbors living in North Kitsap and East Jefferson counties who are members of an organization which encourages and promotes safe, skilled handling and navigation of sail and power boats. We are a local unit of the United States Power Squadrons® -a volunteer, non-profit fraternal boating organization that has the objectives of education and civic service. We are one of one of 16 squadrons, comprising District 16, in Washington State.

Online planning calendar

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The Halyard – the newsletter of the Agate Pass Sail and Power Squadron.
Please click on the burgee to read The Halyard.


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We offer America's Boating Course to the members of our community for learning the basics of safe boating. The classes are useful to all boaters, whether you are a fisherman in an outboard, a paddler in a kayak, the skipper in a family cruiser or a sailing enthusiast. We also offer select advanced courses, including Seamanship, Piloting and Advanced Piloting, to help you continue your boating education. For a complete description of all our courses and a schedule of classes visit


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When you complete the Boating Class, consider joining the Agate Pass Sail and Power Squadron to continue your boating education by taking the advanced classes available. Subjects include boat handling, Inland & Coastal Navigation, Offshore Navigation, Electromechanical Systems, and the Marine Environment. Click on member benefits to learn what benefits exist for members.

For complete class schedules see the planning calendar. For more information about educational opportunities contact Jacqui Stevenson at (360) 621-7614 or by email



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The King County Sheriff’s Office has produced these educational videos that should be of interest to our boating community. Click these links to view them:


Mandatory boating education for Washington state residents

Safety when launching your watercraft

Wearing your life jacket


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We offer Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) to boat owners in the North Kitsap County area. A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and Federal regulations.


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Rhonda Chen
(206) 842-1941, or by email


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Mailing address:
Agate Pass Sail and Power Squadron
PO Box 842
Poulsbo WA 98370-0842

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