Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Cape Cod Power Squadron is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS), a non-profit organization dedicated to SAFE BOATING THROUGH EDUCATION.

Prerequisite for membership is the successful completion of the Power Squadron or the U.S. Coast Guard Basic Boating course.

The Squadron was founded in 1941 and we have 230 male, female and youth members. As a member, there are many additional boating related courses available. These include Seamanship, an advancement of Basic Boating, Piloting and Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation and its advancement, Navigation. Other courses are Sailing, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Weather and Cruise Planning. Additional courses for leadership enhancement are Instructor Qualification to enable teaching courses, Operations Training, to provide information about USPS and the Squadron and a Leadership Development Program.

The Squadron's activities are the responsibility of the Bridge, headed by our Commander. The Bridge also consists of the Executive Officer, Educational Officer, Administrative Officer and an Assistant, Secretary and an Assistant, Treasurer and an Assistant plus three Directors and the Past Commander. All Bridge officers are elected annually by the membership.

But all is not education, we have many varied and enjoyable social activities open to all members and their spouses. There is a mainly social, monthly dinner meeting, with a program, at various restaurants in the area. We have an annual lobster bake and several boat rendezvous. We participate in three local parades with a boat as a float and marchers alongside the float stressing the wearing of life jackets. There is a Spring and a Fall Conference where members of several Squadrons meet to discuss items of mutual interest plus dinners and a program with other social activities for any non-member spouses. The Squadron also participates in three local boat shows each year where we man our booth which has information about the Squadron and our next Basic Boating course.

If you are interested in boating and in education to make you and others a better boater, in varied social functions plus the fellowship of others interested in boating, then you belong in a Power Squadron.

THE BRIDGE 2005-2006

Commander -  Cdr Ronald H. Kessel, JN*

Executive Officer - Lt/C Joan C. Croft, AP

Educational Officer - Lt/C Evan C. Croft, JN

Administrative Officer - Lt/C Wayne Richardson, P

Secretary - Lt/C Roger Hanson

Treasurer - Lt/C Marie E. Creonte-Hanson

Asst Educational  Officer - 1st Lt William Sindt, AP

Asst Secretary - 1st Lt Paula Bacon


Cape Cod Power Squadron Calendar of Events

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