Commander's Message


Commander’s Message.


The United States Power Squadrons is now in its 102nd year, that is quite a record and we, the Charlotte Power Squadron is in its 54th year.  You’re one of nearly 35,000 members of over 350 affiliated squadrons across the country and in some US territories.

During my membership I’ve seen the boating knowledge growth of our squadron members and your commitment to teach that boating education to our other and potential members and to enjoy and assist with our many other fun and interesting activities throughout the year.

   In addition, we’re going to continue having a full year of fun activities on the water.  Our members are planning with others to carry out these annual favorite activities: our two BBQ’s, our children’s outing, vessel safety checks, our predicted log contest, our annual Coastal Rendezvous (this year to be held in Charleston, SC) and many others.

Come for the Boating Education…Stay for the Friends


Cdr John (Jack) P. Moore Jr., AP

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Updated: 9 June 2015