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Boating Links

Updated 02/13/2017

Note: These links are provided as a resource for your convenience, but are not endorsed by the Power Squadrons. For details see Disclaimer

USPS National links

USPS National News is a list of links to news events of general interest to boaters and squadron members.

Sail Angle is a communication platform made available to you at no cost by National. The link will provide you with information on how to use it.

Flag Etiquette shows you all about flags and how to fly them correctly.


Links to business and other organizations that support our Mission

Chattanooga Area Marines


Charting, Navigation and Communications Links

NOAA Nautical Charts and Publications. You can get both Raster (RNC) and Electronic (ENC) charts here for free. They also can link you to some free chart viewers.

Army Geospatial Center. You can get inland rivers Electronic (ENC) charts here.

Army Nashville District Navigation Branch. You can download large pdf format charts for the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers.

Tennessee Valley Authority. You can obtain the reservoir level information for the Tennessee river from this location.

Automatic Identification System This sites shows all the information collected by the AIS system. It is a little slow to load because of the large amount of information.

Coast Guard Navigation Center Shows a wide variety of Navigation information including:

  • Coast Guard Light List. Shows the location of all the navigational lights along both coasts and inland waters. It is a very large file but you can get just a section.
  • MF and HF Frequencies Gives the frequency plan for US and near shore waters.
Weather Links

National Weather Service. This their home page and the root of a wealth of weather information and maps.

National Weather Service Ocean Prediction Center. This site gives the weather for the open waters of the world.

NWS Jet Stream. This is an online school for weather presented by NOAA.

NWS National Doppler Radar. Shows radar for entire nation without advertising.

NOAA Upper Air Maps. What to know what the jet stream is doing, this is the place.

Radiosonde Soundings. Each day NOAA puts up weather balloons to probe upper air conditions. This site shows the results.

National Hurricane Center. What to know what that storm is up to?   Look at this site.



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