Why join United States Power Squadrons®
and Coos Bay Squadron?

Come for the Boating Education - Stay for the FriendsTM
  1. Education
  2. Friends
  3. Fun
  4. Activities
  5. Save on Insurance, boating equipment and services
  6. Service to The Boating Community, Your Community and Country

Membership Qualifications

Membership in United States Power Squadrons® and in this squadron is a privilege, not a right, and shall be by application and contingent upon meeting eligibility requirements as set forth in the bylaws of United States Power Squadrons® . Admission to membership in United States Power Squadrons® is a function of the United States Power Squadrons® Governing Board and is delegated to the squadron Executive Committee subject to United States Power Squadrons® policy. No membership shall be valid unless the member meets and continues to meet the factual requirements of membership in United States Power Squadrons® according to the policies of United States Power Squadrons® and this squadron.
  • Willingness to contribute your talents and energy to promote boating safety.
  • Be Accepted By The Squadron Executive Committee.
  • Have Paid All Applicable Entrance Fees And Dues.
  • Types of Membership

    There shall be the following classes of membership: active members, apprentice members, associate members, and honorary members.
    Active members of this squadron shall consist of persons who are able and willing to contribute time, energy and skills to the objectives of United States Power Squadrons® or this squadron, meet the qualifications for active membership set by United States Power Squadrons® Policy and who are admitted to membership as herein provided.
    Individuals who reside with an active member (considered a primary active member for billing purposes) may be admitted as members in the same manner as any other such member. They shall have all the rights and privileges of their membership class except they shall not be entitled to receive separate copies of The Ensign or other publications and their dues shall be billed to the primary active member
    Members less than 18 years of age shall be entered as active members, may enroll in courses and may receive merit marks. They shall also be entitled to wear the uniform, fly the ensign, and attend any business meeting of United States Power Squadrons® or any district or squadron, but may not serve in an elected position, chair a committee or vote.

    Apprentice members of this squadron shall be persons who have reached the age of twelve and have passed an examination approved by the United States Power Squadrons® Board of Directors. Apprentice members shall have the same privileges as are available to active members except they may not serve in an elected position, chair a committee or vote.
    On becoming 18 years of age, an apprentice member shall automatically become an active member unless electing to remain an apprentice member. At any time between the ages of 18 and 23 an apprentice member can irrevocably elect to become an active member.
    Apprentice membership shall automatically be converted to active membership at the end of the dues year in which the apprentice becomes 23 years of age.
    Associate members of this squadron shall consist of members in good standing of other squadrons of United States Power Squadrons® or of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, who have been granted associate membership by the Executive Committee.
    Any member who has been awarded 25 merit marks shall become a life member. Life members shall be exempt from further payment of squadron dues and shall receive such other exemptions in this squadron as are appropriate to match those granted by United States Power Squadrons® .
    An individual who has been awarded at least five merit marks shall be deemed a senior member.


    Coos Bay Power Squadron-United States Power Squadrons® courses are divided into four types. Advanced Grades, Electives, Seminars and Learning Guides. The Advanced Grades are designed to be taken in sequence beginning with Seamanship and progressing through Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation and Navigation.
    Electives include Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Sail, Weather, Cruise Planning and Instructor Developement.
    Seminars are short (2-3 hour) courses covering many boating topics.
    Learning Guides are self study programs ranging from Amateur Radio to Navigational Astronomy and many other topics of nautical interest. Over twenty programs in all.
    Contact the Squadron Education Officer at 541-888-6178 for more details.
    Come for the Boating Education-Stay for the Friends!sm

    Fun in the Squadron can also be broken into three parts. Cruises, Social Events and Meetings.

    Cruises and picnics are usually at places accessible by boat or automobile and may be held several times each year.
    Social Events include the Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Party, Annual Change of Watch and Crab Feed.
    Meetings can also be included as Social events as there are Potluck Dinners and/or deserts after entertaining and informative speakers or programs.
    District 32 Social Events are the District 32 Conferences and Rendezvous hosted by Squadrons of the District. These meetings will bring members of all District 32 Squadrons (Oregon) and several District 16 Squadrons (Washington) and a United States Power Squadrons® National Officer together to conduct the business of the District.

    A National Governing Board Meeting was held in Portland in 2005 and Bellevue WA in 2009 with members from all over the USA in attendance.
    Another reason for the fun of it is an educated boater is a boater who enjoys the sport more. As you learn more about boating, you become more comfortable with your craft. You learn how to go farther, go safer, and have more fun everywhere you go with your boat.
    Boating is fun…we’ll show you how!
    Come for the Boating Education - Stay for the Friendssm

    Attending classes, meetings, cruises, activities and social events will increase your circle of friends. And they will all have an interest in and a love of boating. Attending the three annual District meetings or other squadron activities will extend your friendships beyond the local area.

    Attending classes, meetings, cruises, and social events can all be clasified as activities. CBPS activities also include the civic service programs of Coos Bay Power Squadron, our annual rummage sale and annual Crab Feed. Other activities are determined by the desires of the membership.

    Passing America's Boating Course will bring you a discount from many insurance companies.
    Additional discounts are earned by passing the Advance Grades Courses. Many members save more than their annual dues by taking and passing the Advance Grades Courses and it is not one time only but a continuing savings of up to 23%. Member Benefits also enclude many products and services.

    Service to The Boating Community, Your Community and Country
    Teaching America's Boating Course is the primary public service of Coos Bay Power Squadron and is especially important now that Oregon has the Mandatory Boater Safety Education law that will require all operators of recreational boats of over 10 horsepower to have the card.
    Another major civic service of United States Power Squadrons® and Coos Bay Power Squadron is the Cooperative Charting program. The contribution of correction data for nautical and aeronautical charts and reports on marine facilities.
    Looking for chart corrections can be a fun and rewarding outing.
    Another of the civic services of CBPS is the Vessel Safety Check {VSC) program. Qualified members conduct free safety inspections of recreational vessels of all kinds.

    Print Membership Application

    Commander Michael Gibbons,JN 541-290-7694
    Squadron Education Officer Allen Swanson,P 541-888-6178
    Membership P/C Art Schuldt,SN 541-756-4408

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