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The Cooperative Charting program with NOAA has many exciting projects available to be undertaken by District 14 squadrons and members. There is a facet of this activity for everyone to enjoy (boats not required). Read the details in the April 2015 edition of Cooperative Charting Manual. These activities include:

If you have questions on any of these Cooperative Charting programs,
contact your Squadron or the District 14 Cooperative Charting Chairman
or visit the USPS Cooperative Charting Committee web pages.

Field Guide and Summary

The following summarize the proceedures and provide suggested check lists for six of these programs. It is suggested that you download them, print four of them back to back on
two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, laminate them and keep them handy.

Cooperative Charting Reporting

All Cooperative Charting reports execpt Geodetic Mark Recovery Reports are submitted on line via CCWEB. Contact your Squadron or District Cooperative Charting Chairman for reporting assistance or you may download and view and/or print Chapter 4 - Cooperative Charting Website "CCWeb" Guide (2.882 MB) of the new Cooperative Charting Manual.

Before submitting your first report to CCWEB, you must be registered with CCWEB. You will require the assistance of your District Cooperative Charting Chairman P/D/C Edward W. Lewis,JN, your Squadron Cooperative Charting Chairman or another registered member in the registration process. You also must have a valid e-mail address.

Geodetic Mark Recovery Reports are submitted to the USPS CoCh committee. See the USPS CoCh Geodetic Reporting pages for details.

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