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The Berkshire Sail and Power Squadron is a part of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS®), the largest and most respected educational / fraternal boating organization on earth. There are squadrons in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. USPS® is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating through education, performing boat safety checks, and other community involvement.

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    Map with Berkshire Sail and Power Squadron location

Berkshire Sail and Power Squadron, the only Massachusetts Squadron in District 2, is located in the western part of the state. Berkshire's members boat from Maine to Florida as well as on local lakes, the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, Lake Champlain, Lake George and Long Island Sound.

ALL Berkshire Courses are Open to the Public Click here for a listing of Additional Course offerings for Winter/Spring 2015 thru Fall 2017

The Squadron offers the Basic Boating Course (ABC 3rd) twice a year (Fall and Spring).
We are planning a one day course later in this Spring 2017

ALL Berkshire Courses are Open to the Public - Below are Additional Course offerings for Winter/Spring 2015-2017

Complete Course Listing for Winter/Spring 2015 thru Fall 2017

     Public USPS UniversitySeminars being offered at the
               First United Methodist Church Fenn St. Pittsfield.
               6:45PM to 8:45PM (1845 to 2045)
    Contact Leo Robillard or John Holden for all Public USPS University Seminars by eMail
          or by Phone 413-499-1625 or 413-441-3769.

ALL Berkshire Courses are Open to the Public

     Advanced Courses being offered:

Besides furthering your boating education, members attend many social events, picnics and cruises & rendezvous with other Squadron members and with other Squadrons in District 2. During our late summer Rendezvous, the famous (or infamous) Berkshire Devious Dinghy Dog Races are held.

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Slideshow of "On the Water Rendezvous - Three Mile Harbor" Photos taken by P/C Rick Gore, AP

2017 - 2018 Bridge
  Commander:   David L. Trudeau, JN - (413) 298-3260   omdavie@gmail.com
  Executive Officer:   G. Richard Stidger, SN - (413) 443-2858   rich.stidger@gmail.com
  Educational Officer (Acting):   Leo O. Robillard, SN - (413) 499-1625   leomariarobillard@gmail.com
  Assistant Educational Officer:   John C. Holden, SN - (413) 441-3769   focusjch@roadrunner.com
  Administrative Officers:   Kevin & Cindy Dinan - (413) 637-4595   kjdinan@aol.com
  Secretary:   Peter W. Samsel, AP - (413) 655-2416   peter.samsel@twc.com
  Treasurer:   Frederick A. Mason, SN - (413) 499-1030   fmason@nycap.rr.com

Vessel Safety Examiners and Coverage Areas
  VSE Chair          
  North Berkshire County Area   John Holden - (413) 441-3769   focusjch@roadrunner.com

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 This Squadron is part of District 2 of the United States Power Squadrons® 

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