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2018 Bridge

Commander: D/C Shawn Goit, JN
Executive Officer: D/Lt/C Barry Bean, JN
Educational Officer: D/Lt/C Adriaan Veldhuisen, SN
Administrative Officer: D/Lt/C Samuel S. Kwok
Secretary: Stf/C Betty McGovern, SN
Treasurer: D/Lt/C Doug Frazer, S

United States Power Squadrons, its Districts and Squadrons are non-profit boating organizations devoted to safe boating through education whose members consist of enthusiastic sailors and powerboaters. Our national organization, the USPS, tries to meet the needs of all boaters, both power and sail, big and small, by providing free public boating education courses to all current or prospective boaters and by offering advanced boating education and fraternal boating to their members. It is the squadrons who conduct the public boating courses and are the real heart of the USPS organization. Click here for more about USPS.

Highlights of the

2018 District 28 Spring Conference

- National's Name Change to "American's Boating Club"

- Changing class names

- Van discussed the POTW and how it can be intergrated into current classes

- Change of Watch

Spring 2018 Leadline Newsletter Available



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