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United States Power Squadrons - District 28

Our District Commander and five Lieutenant Commanders are collectively known as the District Bridge. They are supported by a large number of officers and committees leading every aspect of our operation. To see a list of these committees click here. The District serves as the link between USPS and our local squadrons. It serves as a resource to the squadron leadership by providing information and guidance to the squadron officers and committees. It also provides feedback to the national organization about items of concern to the squadrons. Each squadron officer has a district counterpart who can provide information and answer questions.

D/C Shawn Goit, AP


Executive Officer
D/Lt/C Barry Bean, JN

Education Officer
D/Lt/C Van Diehl, SN-ACN,

Administrative Officer
D/Lt/C Allan T. Bombard, JN

D/Lt/C Betty McGovern, P

D/Lt/C Debra Tucker