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The Squadron Bridge Officers are the Men and Women responsible for leading District 29 in our operations and activities. Listed below are the 2017 Bridge Officers:

Commander: D/C Daniel Mullane, SN

Email: dancarm3@woh.rr.com

Home:  (419) 331-1169

Cell: (419) 234-0991



Executive Officer: D/Lt/C Pamela Yarletts, AP

Email:  pamyarletts@gmail.com

Home: (419)  360 - 3334

Cell:  (419) 


Education Officer: D/Lt/C Mark Dahlmann, SN

Email: dahlmann@bex.net

Home: (419) 626-1955

Cell: (419) 202-5916


Administrative Officer: D/Lt/C Felicia Evans, AP

Email: felicia.evans517@gmail.com

Home:  (419) 874-8911

Cell:   (419) 202-5916


Treasurer: D/Lt/C Jason Snook, SN

Email: d29treasurer@yahoo.com


Cell: (586) 588-6513

Secretary: D/Lt/C Sharon Manter, AP

Email:  sharonmanter3@gmail.com

Home: (260) 444-3201

Cell: (260) 304-2391






                   Nominating Committee

Rules Committee

1 Yr Term: P/D/C Larry Cole, SN*

1 Yr Term: P/C  Thomas Paterson, JN*

1 Yr Term: P/D/C  Joseph Sausser, AP

2 Yr Term: P/D/C Doris Critzer, SN

2 Yr Term: P/D/C William Lehner, SN

3 Yr Term: P/C  JoAnn Scott, S

2 Yr Term: P/C Cheryl Timple, AP


3 Yr Term:

USPS Educational Fund

3 Yr Term: P/D/C , AP Robert DuBray

Chairman: PC Penny Kogge, S*



Audit Committee

Finance Committee

1 Yr Term: P/C ,Tami Gradner, AP*

1 Yr Term: D/Lt Suzanne Harley, P*

2 Yr Term: P/C Dan Clinger, AP

2 Yr Term: D/Lt Kelly Arndt

3 Yr Term:

3 Yr Term: P/C  Rick Kogge, JN



Conference Accommodations

Law Officer

1 Yr Term: P/D/C Albert Hess, AP*

Chairman: D/Lt David Canale, P*

2 Yr Term: P/D/C William Hall, AP


3 Yr Term: P/D/C Dennis Roettger, SN

Planning Committee


Chairman: P/D/C Philip Osborn, JN*

Marketing and Public Relations

                 Past District Commanders

Chairman: D/Lt Catherine E Dillman*











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