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Squadrons of District 29

District 29 of the United States Power Squadrons is located in NW Ohio and NE Indiana. It is comprised of 8 different local squadrons located in the following cities: Columbus, Fort Wayne, Findlay, Lima, Marion, Port Clinton, Sandusky, and Toledo.


Below is a list of the squadrons in District 29 along with the commanders name. Should you have any questions or would like more information, please click on the commander's name link.

Columbus, Ohio - Contact Cdr. John Seaver JN or web site.

Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Contact Cdr.  David Hart, JN

Findlay, OH - Contact Cdr. Robert Wilson, P  or web site.

Lima, OH - Contact Cdr. Brad Barton, SN or web site.

Port Clinton, OH - Contact Cdr. Vicky Kletecka, or web site.

Sandusky, OH - Contact Cdr. Robert Runner, SN or web site.

Toledo, OH - Contact Cdr. JoAnn Scott, S or web site.












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