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Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification Form
This is the form that is used when purchasing items to be used for squadron business and activities.
Squadron Expense Reimbursement Form
This is the form that must be used if you want a check issued in payment of an invoice or individual reimbursement. The request must be signed off on by the appropriate Bridge officer; amounts in excess of the approved budget require Executive Committee approval.
Please do not hand or mail receipts, invoices or pleas for financial assistance without the completed form because I will not accept them! I will, however, always have a supply of forms on hand at all meetings that I attend. The form is provided for your retention and use as necessary. I will issue checks within 2-3 days of receipt of the request and mail them to the address indicated.
Also, do not forget that we are a tax-exempt organization. I will not pay requests for reimbursement of sales tax but will provide you with a form to give vendors if needed (see above).

Lt/C George Pepper, P
FWSPS Treasurer