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Jones Beach Power Squadron

Jones Beach Power Squadron Burgee We are a unit of the United States Power Squadrons, a nationwide non-profit organization of boating enthusiasts, both power and sail, dedicated to promoting SAFE BOATING THROUGH EDUCATION. We are located on the South Shore of Long Island, New York within USPS District/3. You are invited to explore our website to learn more about our services and activities. more...

United States Power Squadrons

USPS ensign On 2 February 1914 at the New York Yacht Club, selected representatives of 20 yacht clubs and yachting associations from Maine to Chesapeake Bay met and launched the United States PowerSquadron

On 26 January 1994 at the Annual Meeting held in Florida, there were representatives from 450 Squadrons with a total membership of over 90,000 more...

Activities: The Jones Beach Power Squadron offers our members plenty of all year round Activities. During the boating season, we have several rendezvous and raft ups where our members gather sharing fine food and socialize with other boating enthusiasts. Other activities include holiday parties, dinner / dances, luncheons and more. Raft Up

JBPS G&P Coverpage G&P On-line: The May 2015 Gudgeon & Pintle Publication is now available on line. For additional information or to submit articles to the G&P, please contact our editor Sandra M. Ortiz.

Book Cover America's Boating Course ® (ABC):

Boat courses open to the public. The Jones Beach Power Squadron is offering our America's Boating Course During the spring and fall months.Please visit our Jones Beach Power Squadron Education Schedule page for details or visit the USPS ABC for additional information from our National website. Our ABC course includes several a tutorial CD (CD Demo) and a MapTech Chart Navigator Training CD.

We are happy to announce that several of our advanced grade courses are now open to the public. Please visit our education page to learn more about our Seamanship and Piloting courses.

If you have already completed our ABC course, non members of the USPS now have the opportunity to learn advanced safety and navigation skills. Don’t miss these opportunities. Enroll today and have more fun boating this summer!

Education:Jones Beach Power Squadron offers courses to train our students in many facets of boating. We believe that education is the key to safe boating and fun. Among our offerings, we have several boating courses open to the public. Please check our public boating safety course for our next scheduled classes. Our members may enroll in many advanced courses or elective courses . Advanced courses cover Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigator and Senior Navigator and are taken in sequence. Our elective courses cover topics such as Cruise Planning, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Weather, Sail, and Instructor Development, which may be taken in any sequence. For a complete list of our course offerings, please click on Education. Education

VSC Sticker Free Vessel Safety Checks: Operating a safe boat provides the skipper with the confidence that his/her boat is equipped to handle the many situations encountered on the water. Jones Beach Power Squadron provides scheduled boat safety checks. Our Vessel Safety Check examiners will be at locations throughout the south shore of Long Island all summer. To find out where we will be, please contact P/C Butch Bonczyk, AP. But don't stop there, make sure that you take the Squadron's Safe Boating course to learn how to use the equipment mandated by the US Coast Guard and the State of New York.

Be prepared by checking the VSC Checklist to ensure your safety now or visit Virtual VSC for a virtual exam.

The Vessel Safety Check Program, was formerly known as Courtesy Marine Examinations (CME's). In 1999, the Auxiliary signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Coast Guard that put the USCG Auxiliary in charge of overall operation and administration of the Vessel Safety Check Program. It also allowed for the expansion of the program to other organizations. The USCG Auxiliary turned to the United States Power Squadrons as a logical partner.

The program is intended to be a service to the recreational boating public, as a complimentary check of the recommended safety equipment on the owners boat. If all items are found to be in good working order, the VSC decal is awarded and attached to the boat. Failure of the check is only shared with the boat owner with suggestions that the deficient items be repaired or replaced. A follow up check can be scheduled when the vessel is in compliance. We are not a law enforcement agency and the report is not shared with anyone outside our organization.

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