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We are America's Boating Club.™

We teach boating skills.

We attempt to increase the knowledge level of the boating public through our public boating courses and seminars. In addition we offer advanced and elective courses to help our members hone their boating skills. America's Boating Club of Key West courses feature USPS authored course content and materials taught by highly knowledgeable, local squadron members.  Instructors enhance course lessons with a wealth of information relevant to boating in local waters. A fee is charged to cover expenses. Check the Squadron Calendar for currently scheduled courses or email Vince Melendy if you want to take a course that isn't on the schedule.

The State of Florida as well as all other states require that anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 and who operates a vessel powered by 10 horsepower or more must pass an approved boater safety course.  The boater must have in his/her possession photographic identification and a boater safety identification card issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Our public boating courses meet this requirement.


Course Descriptions

Boater Safety Course:

Florida Boat Operator Certification

Scheduled upon request.
USPS Courses:  
Courses can be taken by anyone regardless of previous course completion.


Select for Course Description

Advanced Grade
Squadron members should take courses in sequence because each builds on skills taught in the previous course.


USPS Boat Operator Certification
USPS expects that these certifications will be recognized across the boating community, both domestically and internationally.
USPS Boat Operator Certification


Advance Grades and Course Requirements

Squadron members who complete an advanced course are awarded a corresponding USPS grade.

Seamanship and Boat Handling


Advanced Piloting
Junior Navigation
Navigation plus all electives


Upcoming Courses:

America's Boating Course
November 7 & 8
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America's Boating Course
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America's Boating Course
March 7 & 8
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Educational Sessions

Marine Navigation
Begins January 15th
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Boat Handling / Seamanship
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Advanced Piloting
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For more information call:
Vince Melendy

email Vince

Seamanship ClassTeacher
Boat Handling Class

Sail class
Sail Class

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