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The America's Boating Club of Key West members enjoy numerous boat trips together throughout the year. Here are a few of our favorite places to meet and enjoy the tropical waters. Be sure to use up-to-date charts, check tide predictions, and check the weather before navigating and anchoring in these shallow areas.

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Here are some great apps for smart phone and tablet users. Some you may want to check out are: NOAA Now, NOAA Buoys, Greg Knots, Saltwater Fish Guide, BoatUS, Windfinder, Wind Alert, WeatherBug, Star Walk, Hurricane, Windfinder, RainAlarm and Simple Tides. Please email me any you recommend.

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Boca Grande Key
Boca Grande Channel Lat: 24 31.9' N Lo: 082 00.8' W
Those leaving from the Big Pine Key area may choose to go via Hawk's Channel, Western Channel, and then into Boca Grande Channel. Others may decide on a more northerly route. The western side of the island has a sand beach that can be accessed; however the greater part of Boca Grande is under a nature restoration project and does not allow walking into the interior of the key.

Enjoy the sandy beach, snorkeling, or just floating. There are pods of dolphin (Porpoises), schools of Tarpon and bait fish in the channel, and a large variety of birds can be seen.

Picnic Island in Newfound Harbor
Lat: 24 38.181 N Lo: 081 23.742 W

The better anchorage is to the west side of three islands just off the little island with a sandy beach. You'll need to loop around the islands to approach the anchorage from the North West side. Follow the chart and stay off the shoals. 

The Power Squadron has our monthly full moon raft-ups here. Weekends are crowded with people bringing lawn chairs and coolers for use on the beach or sand bar. Some folks spend the entire day lounging in the water and on the island. It's a good place for kids and dogs to roam.

Snipe Point
Lat: 24 degrees 42.0' N, Lo: 081degrees 40.4' W
For those members living east of Niles Channel navigate through Niles Channel to riding and Sawyer Keys, Travel along the Gulf in a Westerly direction bearing approximately 242 degrees.

Snipe Point has an expansive and impressive sand flat at low tide. We spend lots of our time in the water just hanging out on the sand flat. It's also a great area to kayak.

Tarpon Belly Keys in Cudjoe Channel
Lat: 24 43.599 N Lo: 081 31.170 W at anchor on South West side of Island.
Approach from Gulfside into Cudjoe Channel is at approximately 24 46.482N  081 33.600W

There is a gravel beach on SW side of Island (Cudjoe Channel side) for picnics and abandoned fishery remnants to explore.

Munson Rocks
Lat: 24 36.9 N Lo: 081 23.5 W
A great place to snorkel around coral heads located south of LIttle Palm Island. It's in the Newfound Harbor Keys Sanctuary Preservation Area.

Content Keys
L 24°47.83’N Lo 81°29.33’W

One of the prettiest place to sit on a sand bar, float, or kayak. Due to the shallow water surrounding the Content Keys and Content Passage, captains need to be especially careful. Consult your charts and GPS before you leave your home port. Be sure to plan according to the tides. Some boaters have been stranded and had to spend the night.

Riding Key
Lat: 24 45.2 N Lo: 081 32.8 W
Riding Key is north of Tarpon Belly in Cudjoe Channel. There is a great area to kayak around the island and near by waters. Be sure to use your plotting skills and chart your route through safe waters.

Sunshine Key
L 24° 40.1' N, Lo 081°14.9’ W
Enjoy the shallow water and Atlantic ocean scenery at the sandbar on the East side of Bahia Honda just off Ohio Key.

Bahamas including Bimini and Exumas
L25.7333° N, 79.2500° W - Bimini
L23.5333° N, 75.8333° W - Exumas
Numerous beaches, dive and snorkel sites to explore.




Boca Grande Key
Boca Grande Beach Boca Grande Sand Bar


Picnic Island
picnic beachpicnic island

Snipe Pointsnipepoint

Tarpon Belly

Munson Rocks
munson rocks

Content Keys
content Keys

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