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Vessel Safety Checks

The Vessel Safety Check (VSC) program involves the USCG, USCG Auxiliary, United States Power Squadrons, and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, to provide free, courtesy safety examinations of recreational boats. Examiners are available to check boats for meeting federal and state requirements for the equipment that they are required to carry.  They also check for general safety conditions.

Owners of boats that meet the VSC requirements receive the VSC decal shown above to indicate that their boat was examined and passed. If a boat does not meet all of the VSC requirements, the owner gets a list of what is needed to bring the boat up to the legal requirements. No tickets are ever issued and no reports are made to law enforcement authorities. The program is a win-win proposition for boaters who wish to have a trained examiner inspect their boats, at no cost, to ensure they have all the equipment required by regulations. You can use a Pre-Departure Checklist to prepare for inspection of your vessel.

This VSC decal should be on your vessel, and the only way to get it is to have a VSC vessel examiner from America's Boating Club, or a nearby USCG Auxiliary Flotilla, check your boat.  It is your assurance that your vessel is properly equipped for fun and safety on the water. If you are interested in this program, either for boat inspection or to become an examiner, contact the nearest squadron or flotilla for further information.

To arrange for a vessel inspection, call America's Boating Club of Key West at 305-296-2060


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