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Legend of the
Lake Norman Sail & Power Squadron
 © Burgee


In the Beginning, there was a great squadron of the United States Power Squadrons known as the Charlotte Power Squadron from the "Queen City" of Charlotte, North Carolina,

Now, as time passed, a number of its faithful became restless with an unquenchable thirst for the adventure of uncharted waters. Thus, they began to move Northward and invade the area surrounding the Great Inland Sea named Lake Norman. In time, this handful of men, having severed most ties with the parent squadron and with their capacity for quick and fruitful imitation and adaptation, once again became restless, not for adventure but for a desire, in the spirit and name of the United States Power Squadrons, to conquer and educate the natives in the art of skillful and safe boating on the Great Inland Sea.

As with any band of fearless Norsemen, before embarking on an invasion, they began a long and exhaustive search for a suitable banner to display their character with colors and a shield.

Being patriotic, they soon settled on the colors, RED, signifying fierce energies; WHITE, signifying their quiet concern for and faith in their chartered purpose; and, BLUE, signifying their deep self confidence.

Now, being akin in character to the great Norsemen of yesteryear, the shield chosen was the distinctive Norman helmet, conical in shape white large horns procured in great hunting expeditions.

They were led by a great adventurer who came to these shores. Whiteside, as he was called, brought together a band of men with noble names including Thompson, Parker, Marsden, Taylor, Tate, Rempe, Lindsey, Rosenblatt and others. His energy, combined with theirs, was shared with other noble Normans as they began a trek that would lead them to educate their neighbors, work to make their waterway safe for all and expand their numbers to include adventurers from the lands of Lincoln, Catawba, Iredell and other counties of the Old North State.

In time, female adventures joined the ranks of these men, adding their energies and skills to this band of boaters.

Like their male counterparts, these women would become involved in every part of squadron life, eventually taking on leadership roles. As time passed, one, then another, of their number would lead this band as commander, thus ensuring the continuation of strong leadership.

The legend of the Lake Norman Burgee remains vital as members go forth to involvement in district and national activities. The squadron's great feats are heralded in the halls of the Mecca in Raleigh. Awards and recognition are heaped upon the heads of members for educational achievement, community service and creativity, And, as the 21st century approached, LNSPS members stride boldly into new adventures, always mindful of their heritage, with skill and vigor and pride in the symbol of their existence.

The Legend of the Lake Norman Burgee is alive and well in each member of the Lake Norman Power Squadron and, as it flies proudly from the bows of member vessels, it serves as a symbol of boating skill and pride in the association with a band of intrepid adventurers.

The ideas that made Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron a reality took shape around picnic tables overlooking beautiful Lake Norman. those ideas continue to grow and prosper each time a member is active, each time a boater is educated, each time an accident is avoided,  ...each time our flags fly.

Member contributions, then, now and next week, equate to a strength in purpose and a vitality in involvement unique among Lake Norman civic groups.

Those sixty-one, who made safety afloat a reality on this Great Inland Sea, are, for the most part, still an active part of the adventure. They, along with those who are gone, have established a legacy of action that will live in each member for all time. They, along with those who have joined, work diligently to make Beautiful Lake Norman safe for all who grace the waves of the Inland Sea.

The LNSPS Burgee was designed by Phyllis Deaton, a USPS Lady Certificate holder. Charter Member Bob Deaton, AP, working with Phyllis, composed the original version of the Legend of the LNSPS Burgee.

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