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       Public Boating Courses:

Course Name Brief Description Location & Schedule for Course

America's Boating Course
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Last Class May 11, 2019 is Filled !!!

Reserve your place early! Classes fill quickly!

Check back for 2020 classes by the LNSPS
America's Boating Course

A Boating Safety Course
Open to the Public!

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Public Boating Safety Course
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Terry Middleton (704) 483-4408


Important Notices!
NC Legislature enacts new laws requiring Boating Education for Boat Operators
and Redefines Age Requirements for PWC Operation !!!  
Click here for Lake Norman Marine Commission's Personal Watercraft Safety and Education Regulations

  Rating (Advanced) Courses
Squadron Education Officer     -    Russell Klein -
    (704) 489-0175

Several of these courses should be taken sequentially because material taught in a previous class is necessary for a subsequent one.
Click here for more detailed information from USPS

Course Name Topics Covered in Course Location & Schedule for Course
Seamanship (S)

Animated Bowline

Marlinespike, navigation rules, hull design and performance, responsibilities of the skipper, boat care, operating a boat under normal and abnormal conditions, what to do in various emergencies and weather conditions, nautical customs and common courtesy on the water. Seamanship is a "Must Take" course. Sign up now !!!!

 Call or e-mail for more information regarding this next session.

Piloting (P)


Fundamentals of piloting and positioning -- the study of marine charts, aids to navigation, adjustment and use of the mariner's compass, dead reckoning, planning and plotting courses, and taking bearings to determine your on-the-water position.

Piloting is a "Fun" class. Learn to know where you are and where you are going !
Call or e-mail for more information regarding next session.

Piloting (AP)
                 Compass Rose

Safe navigation in coastal waters -- predict tides and tidal currents and their impact on your position, advanced positioning techniques, and the use of electronic navigation systems for positioning and course planning. Advanced Piloting This is a very valuable course !!! Lots of "Need to Know" information for any boater.
Get you name on the list!
Call or e-mail for more information regarding next session.
Jr. Navigation (JN)
               Skipper with Sextant
Beginning study of offshore (open-ocean) navigation -- integrated electronic positioning systems, sight taking with a mariner's sextant on the sun, moon, planets, and stars, how to reduce sights using the nautical almanac to determine your position, and passage planning with special open-ocean charts.

Begin to learn all about the intricacies of navigation and positioning!

Call or  e-mail for more information regarding next session.

Navigation (N)

              Globe with Meridians and Parallels


Further understanding of celestial navigation theory and your skills in sight taking and reduction -- additional sight reduction techniques and the orderly methods of carrying on the day's work of a navigator at sea. Of particular interest and importance is the study of offshore navigation using minimal data and/or equipment, such as when on a disable vessel or lifeboat.

Complete your boating knowledge with this interesting course.

Call or e-mail for more information regarding next session.

      Elective Courses

Course Name Topics Covered in Course Location & Schedule for Course
Marine Electronics

Essentials of a boat's electrical and electronic systems. Proper wiring, grounding, electrolysis control, batteries. Depth finders, marine radio telephones, radar, loran, GPS, and advanced electronic navigation systems.

Call or send e-mail for information, time and place, for next session.

Engine Maintenance

                © HHJett

Construction, operating principals, maintenance and repair of marine gasoline and diesel engines, cooling, electrical, fuel and lubrication systems and associated propulsion components - clutches, shafting and propellers.
Trouble diagnosis and temporary remedies are emphasized along with safety measures.
This course is a must for any skipper who will have to depend on his engine to get him back to shore!

Don't get caught on the water without knowing about your engine and its care!

Call or send e-mail for information, exact time and place, for next session.

Weather  (W)


Weather phenomena, reading the weather map and the sky, understanding and anticipating weather developments. Characteristics and structure of the atmosphere, what weather is and its basic causes, normal development and movement of weather over the earth, factors considered in weather forecasting. Instrumental and visual observations: cloud sequences and weather they predict, air masses, fronts, storms, and fog. Use of radio and television weather broadcasts.

The Weather Class  

This is a "MUST TAKE" course for anyone serious about operating a boat and quite interesting and informative for everyone else.

Call or send e-mail for information, time and place, for next session.

Sail (S)

Sailboat flying a Spinnaker

Terminology of sailing, types of hulls, rigs, and sail-plans; running and standing rigging and their adjustment and tuning. Sailboat marlinspike. Dynamics of sailing including hull and water forces caused by wind and waves; forces versus balance; storm survival; basic racing information; "Rules 0f the Road"; boat operation and emergency techniques unique to sailboats.

Another Sailing class? Sign up today!

Call or send e-mail for information, time and place, for next session.

Cruise Planning
Preparation for a cruise: for a day, a week, a month or longer. Planning the voyage, financing the voyage, equipping the boat, crew selection, provisioning, voyage management, navigation planning, weather, communications, entering and clearing foreign and domestic ports, anchors and anchoring, emergencies afloat, medical emergencies and security.

Let's go for a Cruise !

This is a great course to take as "Home Study".  Call or e-mail for information and materials.

Operational Training
Learn about the organization and structure of the USPS, its Districts and Squadrons. A must for those who really want to be "involved".

Required for all Bridge officers.
Call or e-mail for information, time and place, for next session

Instructor Development
Development of practical skills and methods in preparing for both classroom and meeting presentations. Use of visual and other aids. Practice assignments in preparation and delivery. Click Here for details and sign-up info.

Class is a "must" for instructors!
Click Here!
Call or send e-mail for information, time and place, for next session.

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