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When and where are the LNSPS monthly meetings?
How do we decide what courses will be offered and where are they taught?
  May a non-member take other courses, such as Sail, that are taught by LNSPS?
What is the Social Agenda?
What kind of Civic Activities?
What are the Publications
How do I join the Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron?
What happens when I join the Squadron?
What are the Dues and expenses
How can I use my talents and be of help to the Squadron?

When and where are the LNSPS monthly meetings?

Regular monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday at Captain's Galley, 659 Plaza Drive, Mooresville, NC - just off Rt.150 approx 2 miles east of I-77. The usual agenda: 1830 (6:30 PM) cocktails and fellowship: 1900 (7:00 PM) dinner (Dutch treat): 1930 (7:30 PM) program, usually relating to a nautical subject followed by a short business meeting.

How do we decide what courses will be offered and where are they taught?

Our Public Boating Class, "America's Boating Course (ABC)" is usually given several times a year. Times and places will be announced in this website and in the general media. For our members, the basic courses of Seamanship and Piloting are frequently taught twice a year to accommodate our new members. Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation and Navigation are scheduled when enough members are eligible.

Other member courses such as Marine Electronics, Cruise Planning, Weather, Sail, Instructor Qualification, & Engine Maintenance are taught annually or may be self studied.

The location of the class depends on the number of students, their location and the location of the instructor.

May a non-member take other courses, such as Sail, that are taught by LNSPS?

Sailing, Seamanship, Piloting and many other courses listed on our Education Page are considered "advanced" or "elective" courses and are are available only to members of LNSPS or other squadrons of the USPS.. The Public Boating Course that teaches boating safety, general boating skills and valuable boating information is the only course open to the general public. This, or a similar course of instruction, is strongly recommended to anyone who participates in any boating, sail or power. Please see the announcement link on the "Home Page" of our website for more information.

What is our Social Agenda?

The change of watch dinner-dance held annually in January is our big social event of the year. But the fun does not end there! We have cruises to various parts of Lake Norman during the boating season. Saturday (or sometimes Sunday) raft-ups in a rendezvous cove are one of our most popular activities. In addition we have theme parties, a big Christmas party, predicted log contests and a big Spring attic sale. Yearly excursions to the coast for charting and social activities round out our year.

What are our Civic Activities?

We are active in teaching Boating education and safety courses, holding safety campaigns,  performing free Vessel Safety Checks, working with Co-Op charting, and Geodesic Surveys. We also have been active in reporting problems with our Lake Markers. We sponsor a "Youth Day for disadvantaged children.

What are our Publications?

THE INLAND SEAFARER® is our monthly LNSPS publication. It contains a Bridge message, announcements of upcoming social and educational events and articles of general interest. We are proud that THE INLAND SEAFARER has been awarded a rating of "excellent" by USPS for the past several years for its content and organization.

THE ENSIGN® is the national publication of the USPS.

D/27 BITTS® is the quarterly publication of the North Carolina and Upper South Carolina District 27.

And, of course, you are reading a page from our WWW publication of our website.

("The Inland Seafarer", "The Ensign" and "D/27 Bitts" are registered trademarks respectively of the Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron, United States Power Squadrons, Inc. and District 27 of the USPS.)

How do I join the Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron?

An interest in boating and a successful completion of a boating course and a proctored exam, such as that which the Power Squadrons or the Coast Guard Auxiliary offer is a prerequisite to joining the squadron. Family Membership is available to the members of a family of Active Members.
For further information on becoming a member, please
send us a message by e-mail to

What happens when I join the Squadron?

At a regular monthly membership meeting you will be introduced, asked to pledge your support to Safe Boating Through Education, provided with a membership packet outlining the courses offered, the social activities planned, a membership roster  and a name tag. You will become eligible for discounts with most boat insurance companies.

What are the dues and other expenses of membership?

The total annual dues are approximately $80 per year. Cost for the courses varies according to the nature of the class. The annual dinner dance usually is about $50 per couple. Occasionally there is a $5-$10 charge for food and drink at beach parties, chili cookouts and other catered events.

How can I help or use my talents and skills in the Squadron?

The United States Power Squadron is a volunteer organization, the more that people help, the easier it is for everyone. Abundant opportunities exist to utilize your particular talents from organization to teaching. The phone committee, proctoring the Safe Boating Classes, working with other members on the various other committees are great ways to get to know the membership. Members are encouraged to study one or more courses a year, but this is not a prerequisite for anyone. Family members who are not dues paying members are welcome at all meetings and social gatherings but are not eligible to take courses.

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