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Officers of the Bridge 2019
The LNSPS is managed by a "Bridge" of officers elected by, and responsible to, the membership. They are assisted in their duties by an Executive Committee elected from our membership, and by Committee Chairpersons and members who carry out the programs, functions and activities of the Squadron.

New Bridge Officers were installed at the Change of Watch, 2 February 2019.  Happy Boating and Success to all !

The Bridge

Executive Officer
P/C Steve Stuart AP

Asst. Executive Officer
1st Lt Jim Barbara, AP

Administrative Officer:


Assistant Administrative Officer
1st Lt Linda Reinsmith, S

Education Officer (SEO):
P/C Russ Klein, SN

Assistant Education Officer (ASEO):
Lt/C Terry Middleton AP

Lt/C Glenn DeTample


Assistant Treasurer
1st Lt Roger M. Lewis


1st Lt Gina Woodard

Assistant Secretary

LtC Jim Barbara, AP

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Officer Flags Listing
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P/C Richard Todd, JN (Chair)
P/C Al Parker SN
Linda Stuart
1st Lt James Barbara AP
1st Lt Linda Reinsmith S


P/C Lou Schwartz AP



It is with great pleasure that I serve as your Commander.  I'm very excited about our Calendar of Events with over a dozen boating activities and a very aggressive Educational Programs that Russ Klein has put together.  As Commander I have blessed with a very exciting and experienced team of officers serving on our bridge.  I want to thank all members for putting their trust in me to serve as their Commander for a very exciting 2016.
AP Lou Schwartz - Commander



We invite you to tour our website and see our schedule of Boater Safety Classes, Free Vessel Safety Checks as well as our “Calendar of Events”. The Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron, in the Lake Norman, NC area, is a unit of United States Power Squadrons, "America's Boating Club. We like to have fun on the water and to promote education on how to do so safely and with skill. In addition to our basic "America's Boating Course", we offer extensive additional boating courses and participate in many public services with a calendar full of social events.

If you have any questions at all regarding, Boating, Lake Norman or furthering your education and boating skills, please contact any of our Bridge Members or Executive Committee who will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

The USPS motto is; "Come for the Boating Education…Stay for the Friends" sm  We hope you will.

Welcome Aboard

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Members Only Section of the LNSPS website 
(A user name and password will be requested.) 

All Members: Click this link for information and explanations about Merit Marks.
Make sure you qualify for your Merit Mark this year.

NC Boat Operator's Certification Laws

Our Boating Safety classes meet requirements of North Carolina Boat Operator's Certification laws.

Read this important document if you operate a boat in North Carolina



1. The Coast Guard published new interim regulations in the Federal Register ( 67FR42488 ) on 24 June 2002 and they will become effective on 23 December 2002. The regulations establish a Federal Requirement for children under 13 to wear Coast Guard approved Life Jackets (Personal Flotation Devices or PFDs) while the vessel is under way, unless the children are below decks or in an enclosed cabin. The regulations apply on waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, on the waters of States with no requirements for children to wear life jackets, and on the high seas beyond Territorial Seas for recreational vessels owned in the United States.

The regulations also provide for adopting any State Requirements for children to wear life jackets as the Federal Requirement within that State. To ensure that the Recreational Boating Public has adequate notice of the new Federal Requirements, we are advising recreational vessel operators of the new Federal Requirements during the 2002 boating season, before the rule goes into effect.
ENFORCEMENT WILL COMMENCE ON 01 JANUARY 2003. In addition Boarding Officers should encourage recreational vessel operators to have children on their vessels wear life jackets now for safety and to comply with applicable State Requirements.

Our Safety Slogan continues to be:

 "Boat Smart from the Start - Wear your Life Jacket!"

Life Jackets Save Lives!

Nationwide, 89% of drowning victims were not wearing life jackets ("Personal Floatation Devices" or PFDs). In 1998, North Carolina had 34 boating fatalities with 22 resulting from drowning. We need to educate the public about the value of wearing life jackets.

When should you wear your life jacket (PFD)? The answer should be "Always when you are in a boat!"  We realize, however, that will not happen. We should at least wear them in very cold weather, when we are alone in a boat, and most certainly, as required by law, enforce the rule that children wear them at all times. Common sense should ensure any skipper to require a non-swimmer aboard his/her boat to wear a life jacket. If a storm comes up, then everyone in the boat should put on a life jacket, without exception, before you really do need it! You may not have time to put a life jacket on after the storm strikes. A savvy and "Boat Smart" skipper should always brief each passenger of his vessel about the location of the life jackets and how to put them on before casting off.


At least one, readily accessible, Coast Guard approved Life Jacket (not in a plastic wrap !!!)
of appropriate size and type must be present on a water craft for each individual aboard that craft, in addition to a "throw-able" floatation device.

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