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Lima is located in northwest Ohio. Our members primarily boat on Indian Lake, Grand Lake St. Marys, and Lake Erie. Map Of Squadron Location


We are one of eight squadrons that make up USPS District 29 which includes northwest Ohio, northeast Indiana, and southeast Michigan.  Please go to the District 29 web site
for more information on the other squadrons, as well as on the District itself.  A district is an intermediate level organization between the individual squadrons and the national
organization.  The district provides a way for squadrons in a geographic area to share ideas and information, interact socially, and perform public services on a regional level. In 1953 the Lima Squadron was chartered. We have about 100 members. United States Power Squadrons (USPS®) are non-profit organizations. We are the largest and most respected educational/fraternal boating organization on earth. We are a private, non-profit, non-governmental, and non-military organization of more than 50,000 men and women who share a love of boating and a passion for promoting safe boating. We cover all 50 states, and our purpose is to promote high standards of navigation and seamanship. Map Of Squadron Location.


Our function is threefold: the civic service of educating the boating public, the advanced education of our members, and fraternal boating activities.


Each year we promote and hold three to five Boating Safety classes for the
public at no charge (except for materials costs). Passing this course is a prerequisite to becoming a member of USPS.

This class meets the state requirement that went into effect January 1st, 2000.  Anyone born after January 1st, 1982

MUST successfully pass a safe boating course in order to operate a vessel powered by more than 10 horsepower.



Check back for future dates for Safe Boating Classes

                                                                                                          Contact our Educational Officer, , P/C Tom Schmersal SN

 at 419.233.0973


ABC Boating Course


Our members can take additional courses to hone their knowledge and skills: Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, Navigation, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Weather, Sail, Cruise Planning, Operations Training, and Instructor Qualification.

For more information on these classes http://www.usps.org/e_stuff/index.html

For more info about these dates and places contact our Educational Officer, P/C Tom Schmersal SN at 419.233.0973

There are many benefits to be a USPS® member for details; Member benefits

We have many enjoyable social activities which include: dinners, picnics, cruises, raft-ups, parades, and contests such as a predicted log.

Log Book(photos of our activities)

We offer free Vessel Safety Checks. With this check you know if you have all required safety equipment on board.

For more info about Vessel Safety Checks .

Before you get you VSC, check it yourself with the aid of this list VSC Check List

If you want a VSC contact P/C Mike Lyons, SN


Meet our Bridge



Our public BOATING CLASSES are held Fall, Winter, and Spring. For our next available class, contact our Educational Officer, P/C Tom Schmersal SN, at 419.233.0973

Our classes meet all of the new state of Ohio requirements for boater education.

Our newsletter (The L) Editor is P/C Penny Kogge

Send any comments or suggestions about this page to P/C Armin Diller SN, Webmaster.

Grades: S=Seaman, P=Pilot, AP=Advanced Pilot, JN=Junior Navigator, N=Navigator, SN=Senior Navigator (completed all classes).


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