Commander's Message


         February, 2015

It seems that in this day and age of communication, we are able to reach people to speak with, text or email via our cell phones.
This is remarkable, however, either most of us do not have a cell phone or do not have computers, which is quite unlikely.
In the past, I have asked for you to communicate with me or the excellent crew we have at Palisades but to no avail.
I will ask again for you to reach out to loved ones, friends, neighbors, to help support your Squadron with students for this upcoming March 5 class at Ft Lee.
Albeit, that only a handful of us stay active and meet, you are still paying dues and dues alone do not support Palisades. We need to reach out to others as there are people who need to have a Safety Boating Certificate to operate boats and jet skis.
Please, communicate with people you know or do not know and spread the word. Your support is needed and appreciated.
Stay Warm,
CDR Bill Stephens

P.S. My contact cell # is 201-546-4325.

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