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The Rockford Sail & Power Squadron, chartered in 1962, is located in North Central Illinois, and is one of the 16 Squadrons in Illinois, South-East Wisconsin and North-West Indiana.  These 16 Squadrons comprise a group designated as District 20. Nationally, there are more than 450 Squadrons grouped into more that 30 districts.

As an educational organization, we offer Boat Safety and Personal Watercraft courses to the general public, as well as advanced educational courses to our members.  And as a fellowship organization, we regularly have social meetings and cruise & rendezvous outings for the enjoyment of our members and friends.  Our members regularly boat on the Great Lakes, Mississippi-River, and other lakes and rivers in the Illinois & Wisconsin area.

For information on boating classes in the Rockford area, call William Schwartz,  1-815-633-7391

Or for information in Illinois call 847-296-USPS.  For information at the National level, call 1-888-367-USPS.

 See the SCOPE (our newsletter) for dates and events. (800k .PDF)

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