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The Commander's Award is presented each year to the member of the Rocky Mount Power Squadron who, in the Commander's opinion, has given the most support to The United States Power Squadrons® and the Rocky Mount Power Squadron during the year, regardless of the position held or the length of time that person has been a member of the Squadron.


Barbara Ann Bruner presented the 2017 Commander's Award to D/Lt Robert H. Bruner, AP-IN


George D. Howell  1974 Bowie G. Martin 1996
Harold M. Meadows  1975 James F. Dugan III 1997
L. M. Barnes III  1976 James F. Dugan III 1998
David W. Abel  * 1977 Joseph E. Hardee* 1999
L. M. Barnes III  1978 James F. Dugan III 2000
Robert J. Sheridan  * 1979 Kendall M. Cranston 2001
U. Glenn Daughtridge* 1980 Robert E. Glaser 2002
David W. Abel  *
1981 Christopher E. Payne 2003
Larry W. Battle *   1982 Phillip A. Benson 2004
James F. Dugan III 1983 Lorraine B. Ryan 2005
Mike Anderson 1984 Christopher E. Payne 2006
J. D. Barkley *   1985 Christopher E. Payne 2007
U. Glenn Daughtridge * 1986 H. Clay Helm & Phillip A. Benson  2008
U. Glenn Daughtridge * 1987 Phillip A. Benson 2009
U. Glenn Daughtridge* & James F. Dugan III 1988 Phillip A. Benson 2010
William (Ron) Eason 1989 Phillip A. Benson 2011
James F. Dugan III  1990 Robert H. Bruner 2012
Harry M. Matthews 1991 Lorraine B. Ryan 2013
Herbert Day & Chip Pearsall 1992Linda Joyner2014
Louis J. Rosas, Jr.1993Lorraine B. Ryan & Phillip A. Benson 2015
David W. Abel  * 1994
Lorraine B. Ryan 2016
Alvin E. Paetzell1995Robert H. Bruner2017

* Deceased



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