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Well, this is the last installment of the commander’s message before our summer hiatus commences and we have a couple of exciting events taking place that I am sure that you all will want to be a part of.  First off, our squadron will be participating in the 31st Annual Smithtown Festival Day on Sunday, June 2nd from 9:00AM-5:00 PM right on Main Street.  Our booth number is S161 which is located right by Chase Bank where we hope to attract new members and students for a summer ABC class.  This is always a good event for us and gives us ongoing exposure to the community for any boater that is interested in furthering their boating skills and education.   This event will be followed by the Smithtown Bay Annual BBQ to be held on June 23rd at Schubert’s Beach in Smithtown.  I hope you all sign up to share in the fun!

The District 3 Council meeting takes place on June 7th and unfortunately, I am unable to attend as I have our niece’s wedding rehearsal dinner that night.  This event is followed up by the District 3 Ducks game on June 9th where we have some members attending.  Rendezvous East takes place out in, Greenport, ,July 26-28, where, as squadron commander I usually participate, however, Annie and I just recently had to schedule a business trip to Charlotte, NC, July 23-28 for a trade show.  My hope is that one of our members will make an appearance in our absence as this is an important D3 event and it is nice to have representation from our squadron.

I had the good fortune of being able to participate in the District 3 Terrapin Commanders planning meeting where we discussed many topics that we have been addressing out our executive meetings.  I will be sure to share with you what I have learned.  Be sure to attend the next meeting as we will have to discuss the course and direction of our squadron going forward.

Wishing you all a terrific summer with fishing, kayaking, sailboarding, sailing, boating and so much more. 

See you all in September when we return!!


CDR Thomas Rondi, AP



SEO P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN   (631) 265 6561,   


Boating Course: The Fall 2019 America’s Boating Course will will begin on 17 September 2019, at Hauppauge High School, at  7:30 pm. The course is four 2 hour Tuesday nights, plus a fifth night for the exam. A schedule is on the Smithtown Bay web site ( 

Nesconset Day: SBPS will have a booth at Nesconset Day, to be held Sunday, 15 Septembe 2019. This is two days before our ABC starts., so we have a good chance to sign up students. The same members have manning the booth for several years. We could use a few more members to help out. You don’t have to be there all day. 

Seamanship: The new Seamanship Course is called “Boat Handling” and is comprised of six two hour sessions.

·       Rules of the Road

·       Confidence in Docking & Undocking

·       Boating with Confidence – Handling You Boat Underway

·       Anchoring with Assurance

·       Emergencies on Board

·       Knots & Line Handling

Even if you have already taken Seamanship, consider taking the new course as a review.

                                                                                                                                 An Educated Boater is a Safer Boater

P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN

Squadron Education Officer



It appears that Mother Nature has finally blessed us with some nice warm weather. I’m sure we hope it stays around for the next couple of months so we can get out on the water.

Our next big upcoming event is our annual spring/summer barbeque at Shubert’s Beach and it appears that we will have a large turnout of our members, friends, family and other squadrons attending. This event is our squadron’s kickoff to the boating season and we always have lots of fun, food and social interaction. It is also a good time to advertise our presence and mission to others at the beach and marina which is across the street from the pavilion.

A reminder that we are always looking for new member participation on our various committees. This is the time of year to ask ourselves what I can bring to the squadron with my expertise. The work is not difficult and we are always looking for new ideas. Not only will it be appreciated, but you will find lots of enjoyment and personal satisfaction in volunteering.

The District 3 Rendezvous reservation forms have been mailed out so if you are planning on attending return the form as soon as possible. This is always a fun filled event and if you have never attended, it is an affair you don’t want to miss. We are also working on some raft ups with fellow squadrons. Please check our website during the summer for updates and schedules for these events since the “White Caps” is not published over the summer. 

If you would like some additional on the water training don’t hesitate to call one of the bridge members. We are always willing to help.

                                                                                                                                                                     P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP

                                                                                                                                                                         Executive Officer



          I don’t have too much to say this month as everything has been covered by other Bridge members. I would however wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer and practice what you have learned from us while out on the water.

          Our publication, the “White Caps” will be taking their summer hiatus for the next couple of months and resume in the fall. Keep an eye on our website for summer events and updates.

          Our last Executive and General Meeting before summer vacation, will be on Wednesday, June 12th and we will be discussing squadron issues and our goals for the rest of the year. We look forward to your attendance.

Lt/C Ann Marie Rondi, AP

Administrative Officer




The 2019-2020 Annual Budget was approved by the Executive Committee at the March 13th Meeting.

Lt/C Kathy Severino, AP

 Squadron Treasurer           


National has approved our Revised By-Laws effective March14, 2013 and can be downloaded by clicking on the By-Laws link on the home page.

P/C  Daniel J. O'Brien, SN

  Rules Chairman       


Meet your 2019-2020 Bridge Officers who were installed at the 69th Annual Change of Watch Ceremony April 10, 2019. 






SECRETARY William Hoffman, P

TREASURER Kathleen Severino, AP


CDR Tom Rondi, AP, , P/C Alan Hiltunen, SN,

P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP, Lt./C Kathleen Severino, AP, P/C William Hoffman, P, Lt./C Ann Marie Rondi, AP

Elected Members

P/C Dan O’Brien, SN             Harry Walter          P/C Robert Rupnick, AP          P/C Richard Silva, AP       P/C Raymond Driscoll. P


See previous Rendezvous photos in the Photo Album Link.

P/C Rich Silva, AP          


 Congratulations to  members who were awarded a Merit Mark for 2018. If you did not get one and think you should have, contact CDR Tom Rondi.

Make sure you get one in 2019


Happy June Birthdays to: James Duddino, William Dimler, Robert Holmes, Julie Kaiser, Michelle, Rondi. 

If you would like to pass along any information through the good and welfare page of the White Caps please call my cell 631-988-5087 or send me an email. My email is

P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP

                                                      Good & Welfare Chairman                                                    


Upcoming Events: (Watch for details):

District 3 Rendezvous East, 7/26-28, Greenport, NY.

First Mates Brunch TBD

Annual XMAS Party, 12/11, Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.

National Meeting was held 2/17-23/19, Orlando. Fl.

District 3 Spring Conference/Change of Watch was held 3/29-30, Melville Mariott, Melville, NY.

SBPS 69th Annual Change of Watch Meeting was held Wednesday April 10th. with 42 members and guests attending, Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.

District 3 Memorial Service was held 4/7

                                                                                                  2018 Annual XMAS Holiday Party was held, Dec. 12th, with 21 members present, Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.                                                                                                                                                                     District 3 Fall  Conference was held November 3rd at the Melville Marriot, Melville,NY                                                                                                                                                                                              

Contact the Chairman below with your request or ideas for future programs.

P/C Tom Romndi,AP

Program Chairman



Long Island Sound Advice


As I write this, I have been looking at photos of Fleet Week in New York Harbor courtesy of my son Steve who took our ABC Basic Boating course about 6 years ago. It may have helped him getting his transfer out of Crown Heights Brooklyn to NYPD Harbor Patrol a few weeks ago.  More to follow. 

Be Prepared with safety gear. Here are some essential items to keep on board any size boat:

·       Flashlight - helps you to see and be seen

·       Duct tape - and not the cheap stuff from the dollar store

·       Bucket - handy to carry and store loose things or bail out water

·       First Aid kit - with updated contents and a manual

·       Whistle - it’s a good sound producer never known to fail. Three strong blasts will be less likely confused with sea bird calls.

·       Extra line - for towing, throwing or stowing

·       Mirror - or any reflective object that can signal for help

·       Garbage bags - use them to protect gear or as a rain poncho

·       Fire extinguisher - All should know where it is and how to use it

·       Life jackets - make sure there are enough and are the proper size

Just as with so many other things, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!


Boat Safely or Stay Home

   Get a free Radio Check. Go to


**This law went into effect on November 1st 2009**

On July 11th, 2009 Governor Paterson signed into law a bill to require all persons, including adults, on any pleasure vessel under 21ft to wear a personal flotation device when underway from November 1st to May 1st. This new law will raise awareness and has the potential to save lives. Cold water immersion and hypothermia are twin dangers faced by a boater when a boat swamps or capsizes in water temperatures less than 60 degrees F. During the late fall and early spring, waterways have less boat traffic and response by rescue and law enforcement may be slower than in summer months. 
*Required on all vessels under 21 feet: This means motorboats, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, & paddleboats.
*Must wear a life jacket from November 1st to May 1st. This law went into effect on November 1st 2009.
*All owners or operators must insure that everyone on board is wearing a properly fastened, USCG approved wearable PFD of an appropriate size when the vessel in underway.  
Also signed into law.. is an extension of the exemption for PWC operators over the age of 18 to hold a boating safety certificate in order to rent a personal watercraft. No certificate will be required until 2012.

Be advised that all of Long Island Sound is now designated a no discharge area.

Learn CPR/AED Heart Rescue (Go to Nautical Links)

P/C Robert Rupnick, AP

Boat Show/Safety Chairman


Recipient of 2018 National Distinctive Communicator Publication Award

Copies of the White Caps since May 2009 have been archived (Click here to view)

The June "White Caps" has been published.

Any changes to planned events or additional events, such as the course schedules can be found on our website which is in operation 24/7.

Please visit our new and improved website:       


As your newsletter editor, I would like to remind all members that they are welcome to submit ant articles of interest and or comments that can be published in the newsletter.. As a member, your voice can be listened to at our General Meeting and viewpoints can be expressed in our newsletter., but we need to hear from you.

Many of us may have exciting events or trips that have been taken and can be shared with other members both within and outside our squadron. Please feel free to submit them to me for future publication in the newsletter. I am always looking for additional articles of interest to enhance our newsletter, so please feel free to submit them to me.

Articles and contributions are always welcome. Also utilize the "For Sale" and "Wanted Section".


Place your ad here. Contact the White Caps Editor.

P/C William Hoffman, AP

"White Caps" Editor


D-3 Rendezvous East, Greenport, NY will be held July 26-28.

District 3 Fall Conference was held November 3rd., Melville Marriot, Melville, NY.

District 3 Spring Conference and Change of Watch was held Mar. 29-30, Melville Marriot, Melville, NY.


See the July -August  2005 Issue of the Ensign, it featured an article written by P/Lt/C Harry Walter, S

" The Story Behind The Smithtown Bay Power Squadron Burgee"

The story is also featured on our History page.


Governing Board Meeting will be held  9/18-9/14 Louisville, KY.

Smithtown Bay has received a National 2018 MIRA Award

Smithtown Bay  has been  awarded 2018 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website.

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NYS Navigation Law: On 27 September 2013 Governor Cuomo signed legislation mandating all NYS boaters to obtain a boating safety certificate by completing an eight hour safe boating course.   The requirement will be put into effect over a period of years, beginning 1 May 2014 with all 18 year old boaters.

This law supersedes all local laws relating to requirements for safety certificates.  The law authorizes the Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, at his/her discretion to develop a method for approving on line safety courses.

On March 31, 2011, New York State Legislature established a no-fee recreational marine fishing registry to take place of the recreational marine fishing license that was previously implemented in October 2009. The new no-fee registry legislation was signed with a "sunset clause," which is set to expire on December 31, 2013. This means that if the New York State Legislature does not take further action to continue the registry after the expiration date, the recreational marine license will be implemented again. Go to

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