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 The Smithtown Bay Power Squadrons 69th Annual Change of Watch is fast approaching on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, and the SBPS Bridge will be focused on preparing for this event throughout the month of March.  It is our hope that the membership will make a strong effort to attend this historic event, so please mark your calendars now and we all look forward to seeing you there.   

As the boating season is on the horizon so starts the America’s Boating Safety Course as well as our advanced education courses and seminars that are offered all  across Long Island.  So, if you have any family or friends that are in need of a boating safety certificate or are interested in advanced education courses, seminars and opportunities please refer them to our squadron website or the national and district 3 websites for information and schedules concerning these classes and courses.

Furthermore, as you talk boating with friends and acquaintances please do your best to refer and recommend fellow boaters to our organization, ask them to become members, tell them about our member benefits, talk about our advanced classes and seminars, and most importantly let them know that as part of the ABC class our instructors can offer on-the-water instruction.  This is a very valuable component to ABC and is what new, beginner and intermediate boaters have been asking for.   Word of mouth recommendations are perhaps best way to grow our organizations and membership.

While it is still early in the year please do your best to contribute and volunteer your time to our squadron or district 3 in some small way to earn your Merit Mark.  We have a number of events, street fairs, committee planning events and education classes where we could use your support and your contributions to these activities will earn you that coveted Merit Mark.

As I mentioned in the February newsletter the USPS Annual meeting was held February 19-23 and as I learn from our District 3 leadership what was discussed I will share this with you in future columns.  I am sure we will learn more about this at the March 8th District 3 Council Meeting, so if you are not busy that night please join us. 

It is with deep sadness and regret that I report the passing of Southshore P/C Peg Widman.  Memorial arrangements have been made at Claude R. Boyd -Spencer Funeral Home, 448 West Main Street, Babylon, NY 11702, April 25th with the gathering time at 7PM and service at 8PM.

CDR Thomas Rondi, AP



SEO P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN   (631) 265 6561,    


Boating Course: The Spring 2019 America’s Boating Course will start Tuesday,5 March 2019, at Hauppauge High School, room 212, at 7:30 pm.   The course is four nights (2 hours/night) plus the exam. The exam will be held on 2 April 2018. The optional Navigation lessons will be held 9 April 2019 and16 April 2019.   A detailed schedule is listed on Smithtown Bay’s website:   All paperwork is in place and we have ABC books. A family of four has signed up on line on the USPS website.   Thanks to Harry Walter, our flyer has been printed in The Smithtown News for the past two weeks.      

                                                                                                                             An Educated Boater is a Safer Boater

P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN

Squadron Education Officer



After 62 years on earth you would think the winters would get easier. I think about all the snow birds and wish them well but I really would like to fly south myself. With each day, I just keep thinking Spring has to be a few weeks away and February is such a short month.

This month Smithtown Bay Power Squadron recertified its faculty and we enjoyed the fellowship of a few additional members from District 3. I've taken many courses in USPS and one of the most practical courses offered to its membership, for FREE, is Instructor development. We are all adults and at some point in life need to learn or relearn materials to keep pace with our ever changing world.  Tom and Ann Marie hosted a special edition recertification for Harry and I and did an outstanding job presenting the new materials and updates. I thank you, the membership thanks you and the Smithtown Bay community thanks you for your efforts.

Next month will finally be Spring and the days will be getting longer. After many years of discussion Smithtown Bay Power Squadron is considering pooling resources with the other squadrons. One important suggestion we need to think about is combining our Change of Watch with nearby squadrons.

I would encourage you to attend our regular meetings so your opinion can be heard. Remember if you are not at the table you are on the menu.

                                                                                                                                                                     P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP

                                                                                                                                                                         Executive Officer





As I write this message, we have learned the passing of P/C Peg Widman, SN of South Shore Power Squadron, wife of Cdr. Wil Widman, SN.  She was an integral part of the South Shore Power Squadron and on the District level as well.  She will be missed and our condolences to her husband, family and squadron.  No details are available at this time and as details become available, we will notify you.

Preparations have been set for our annual Change of Watch at Stony Brook Yacht Club on Wednesday, April 10th.  Please email Cdr. Tom Rondi if you will be attending so that we can make sure we accommodate everyone. Hero’s, salads and coffee and cake will be served. 

Our Spring ABC course is scheduled for March 5th at Hauppauge High School. Classes are from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  If you have some time and would like to help during the class, please contact Al Hiltunen.

Thank you for all that you do to support our squadron!

Lt/C Ann Marie Rondi, AP

Administrative Officer




The 2019-2020 Annual Budget was approved by the Executive Committee at the March 13th Meeting.

Lt/C Kathy Severino, AP

 Squadron Treasurer           


        The slate of candidates for Bridge Officers of the Smithtown Bay Power Squadron for the year 2019 – 2020 has been approved by the Executive Committee and is presented hereto for approval by the membership at our General Meeting on 13 March 2019. 

COMMANDER ----------------------------- Thomas Rondi, AP

EXECUTIVE OFFICER ------------------ Marc Gottlieb, AP

EDUCATIONAL OFFICER ------------- Allan Hiltunen, SN

   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER --------- AnnMarie Rondi, AP

SECRETARY ------------------------------- William Hoffman, P

         TREASURER ------------------------------- Kathleen Severino, AP

Executive Committee

P/C Allan Hiltunen, SN      Kathleen Severino, AP     

P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP       Tom Rondi, AP       

P/C William Hoffman, P      AnnMarie Rondi, AP


Elected Members

P/C Dan O’Brien, SN             Harry Walter          P/C Robert Rupnick, AP  P/C Richard Silva, AP           P/C Raymond Driscol, AP  
Nominating Committee
                       P/C William Hoffman, P                 
        P/C Joseph Tipaldo, AP


National has approved our Revised By-Laws effective March14, 2013 and can be downloaded by clicking on the By-Laws link on the home page.

P/C  Daniel J. O'Brien, SN

  Rules Chairman       


Meet your 2018-2019 Bridge Officers who were installed at the 68th Annual Change of Watch Ceremony April 11, 2018. 






SECRETARY William Hoffman, P

TREASURER Kathleen Severino, AP


CDR Tom Rondi, AP, P/C Douglas Schroeder, AP, P/C Alan Hiltunen, SN,

P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP, Lt./C Kathleen Severino, AP, P/C William Hoffman, P, Lt./C Ann Marie Rondi, AP

Elected Members

P/C Dan O’Brien, SN             Harry Walter          P/C Robert Rupnick, AP          P/C Richard Silva, AP       P/C Raymond Driscoll. P


See previous Rendezvous photos in the Photo Album Link.

P/C Rich Silva, AP          


 Congratulations to  members who were awarded a Merit Mark for 2018. If you did not get one and think you should have, contact CDR Tom Rondi.

Make sure you get one in 2019


Happy March Birthdays to: Gary Grob, Michael Rubin, P/C Robert Rupnick, Joseph Tursi. 

If you would like to pass along any information through the good and welfare page of the White Caps please call my cell 631-988-5087 or send me an email. My email is

P/C Marc Gottlieb, AP

                                                      Good & Welfare Chairman                                                    


Upcoming Events: (Watch for details):

National Meeting was 2/17-23/19, Orlando. Fl.

District 3 Spring Conference/Change of Watch 3/29-30, Mellville Mariott, Mellville, NY.

SBPS 69th Annual Change of Watch Meeting will be held Wednesday April 102th. 7:00 pm Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.

District 3 Memorial Service 4/7

SBPS Change of Watch 4/10

Spring Brunch 5/5, 11:30 am TVI, Stony Brook, NY

Smithtown day 6/2

June BBQ 6/23

District 3 Rendezvous East, 7/26-28

First Mates Brunch TBD

Annual XMAS Party, 12/12, Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.

                                                                                                  2018 Annual XMAS Holiday Party was held, Dec. 12th, with 21 members present, Stony Brook Yacht Club, Stony Brook, NY.                                                                                                                

                                                                                                       District 3 Fall  Conference was held November 3rd at the Melville Marriot, Melville,NY                                                                                                                                       


Contact the Chairman below with your request or ideas for future programs.

P/C Tom Romndi,AP

Program Chairman



Long Island Sound Advice

Time for a quick review: Last month I began the discussion about the top seven most common insurance claims. Hitting a submerged object and grounding were the first two I mentioned. Next up is…

3. Weather Damage - from hurricanes in the summer to wind and lightning storms in the fall, damage can occur year round. Check the forecast before heading out. While on the water, keep a weather eye on the sky in case there is an approaching storm. If so, return to shore and secure to the mooring. 

4. Theft while anchored - summer months are more likely to see this type of claim so be sure to remove navigational equipment from plain sight and secure your valuables.

The Massachusetts Boater Safety Handbook has further tips you can read at

 Precaution is better than the cure.

Boat Safely or Stay Home

   Get a free Radio Check. Go to


**This law went into effect on November 1st 2009**

On July 11th, 2009 Governor Paterson signed into law a bill to require all persons, including adults, on any pleasure vessel under 21ft to wear a personal flotation device when underway from November 1st to May 1st. This new law will raise awareness and has the potential to save lives. Cold water immersion and hypothermia are twin dangers faced by a boater when a boat swamps or capsizes in water temperatures less than 60 degrees F. During the late fall and early spring, waterways have less boat traffic and response by rescue and law enforcement may be slower than in summer months. 
*Required on all vessels under 21 feet: This means motorboats, sailboats, kayaks, canoes, rowboats, & paddleboats.
*Must wear a life jacket from November 1st to May 1st. This law went into effect on November 1st 2009.
*All owners or operators must insure that everyone on board is wearing a properly fastened, USCG approved wearable PFD of an appropriate size when the vessel in underway.  
Also signed into law.. is an extension of the exemption for PWC operators over the age of 18 to hold a boating safety certificate in order to rent a personal watercraft. No certificate will be required until 2012.

Be advised that all of Long Island Sound is now designated a no discharge area.

Learn CPR/AED Heart Rescue (Go to Nautical Links)

P/C Robert Rupnick, AP

Boat Show/Safety Chairman


Recipient of 2018 National Distinctive Communicator Publication Award

Copies of the White Caps since May 2009 have been archived (Click here to view)

The March "White Caps" has been published.

Any changes to planned events or additional events, such as the course schedules can be found on our website which is in operation 24/7.

Please visit our new and improved website:       


As your newsletter editor, I would like to remind all members that they are welcome to submit ant articles of interest and or comments that can be published in the newsletter.. As a member, your voice can be listened to at our General Meeting and viewpoints can be expressed in our newsletter., but we need to hear from you.

Many of us may have exciting events or trips that have been taken and can be shared with other members both within and outside our squadron. Please feel free to submit them to me for future publication in the newsletter. I am always looking for additional articles of interest to enhance our newsletter, so please feel free to submit them to me.

Articles and contributions are always welcome. Also utilize the "For Sale" and "Wanted Section".


Place your ad here. Contact the White Caps Editor.

P/C William Hoffman, AP

"White Caps" Editor


District 3 Fall Conference was held November 3rd., Melville Mariott, Melville, NY.

District 3 Spring Conference and Change of Watch was held Mar. 23-24, Melville Marriot, Melville, NY.

D-3 Rendezvous East, Greenport, NY was held July 27-28.


See the July -August  2005 Issue of the Ensign, it featured an article written by P/Lt/C Harry Walter, S

" The Story Behind The Smithtown Bay Power Squadron Burgee"

The story is also featured on our History page.


Smithtown Bay has received a National 2018 MIRA Award

Smithtown Bay  has been  awarded 2018 Distinctive Communicator Awards for our Website.

Latest National News (Click here)

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NYS Navigation Law: On 27 September 2013 Governor Cuomo signed legislation mandating all NYS boaters to obtain a boating safety certificate by completing an eight hour safe boating course.   The requirement will be put into effect over a period of years, beginning 1 May 2014 with all 18 year old boaters.

This law supersedes all local laws relating to requirements for safety certificates.  The law authorizes the Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, at his/her discretion to develop a method for approving on line safety courses.

On March 31, 2011, New York State Legislature established a no-fee recreational marine fishing registry to take place of the recreational marine fishing license that was previously implemented in October 2009. The new no-fee registry legislation was signed with a "sunset clause," which is set to expire on December 31, 2013. This means that if the New York State Legislature does not take further action to continue the registry after the expiration date, the recreational marine license will be implemented again. Go to

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