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If Boating Is On Your Radar….

Your boating experience can be enhanced by attending one of our boating classes or seminars. Novice and experienced boaters can increase their knowledge of Seamanship, Piloting, Federal and State Requirements, Boating skills, Marlinspike, Navigation and other important topics.

Our certified instructors regularly offer a wide range of boating courses and seminars to members and the public at large.


The United States Power Squadrons America's Boating Course is an introduction to the rules of the waterways, knots and lines, Marine VHF radio procedures, aids to navigation, boating under adverse conditions,  chart reading and course plotting.  Passing our basic boating course in either format can be your first step toward becoming a member of USPS and gaining access to advanced boating courses covering seamanship, piloting, engine maintenance and marine electrical systems -- to name just a few.




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    Successful completion of either ABC course Qualifies you for the Florida Safe Boating card,

 free 6 month Squadron membership and FREE Seamanship course

 For details about this or any of our upcoming classes

Contact Education Officer Mike Knapp, WarmRainFL@aol.com or (772) 283-4816

The boat and water safety course topics include:



 Upcoming Courses:


For those who have already completed Piloting, this will be a good opportunity to improve your inland and coastal navigation skills.

Course Description

Advanced Piloting is the second in the sequence of USPS courses on navigation. It continues to build coastal and inland navigation skill, allowing the student to take on more challenging conditions – unfamiliar waters, limited visibility, and extended cruises. GPS is embraced as a primary navigation tool while adding radar, chartplotters, and other electronic navigation tools. As with Piloting, the course includes many in-class exercises, advancing the student’s skills through hands-on practice and learning. Ten classes of two hours each normally are scheduled for presentation of this course. In addition the students have seven days to complete the open book exam. Topics covered include:


If you are interested in taking this AP course or have any other questions please contact either:

·        Educational Officer: Mike Knapp (772-283-4816) or WarmRainFL@aol.com

·        AP-Class Instructor: George Gehring (772-546-4151) or FayGeo@bellsouth.net




For those who have already completed Junior Navigation, this will be a

good opportunity to take the final Advanced Grade offered by USPS.


Course Description


Learn navigation using all the celestial bodies! Use navigational software tools to plan and execute an offshore voyage. In the event of a loss of electronics on board,

you’ll be glad you took this course and developed the necessary backup skills for an offshore voyage. Even if you have no plans to travel offshore, you will be able to

impress your boating friends with your depth of celestial knowledge.

The Navigation course will teach you how to use the moon, planets, and stars to determine your position at morning and evening twilight to supplement daytime sights

on the sun, moon, and bright planets. You will also get access to and use navigational software tools that can be used to plan and execute any voyage.

What's Included?

As with the Junior Navigation course, you will learn to prepare a sight folder that documents your positioning skills using sights taken on the moon, planets and stars. The

course will take approximately 10 weeks and you will have two additional weeks to complete an open book exam.


If you are interested in taking this Navigation course or have any other questions please contact either:

·        Educational Officer: Mike Knapp (772-283-4816 or WarmRainFL@aol.com)

·        N-Class Instructor: Paul Vallier (772-781-6676 or pavallier@netscape.net)



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