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Archived Educational Department Web Pages

Various presentations, information, and files that have been listed on the Educational Department home page in the past, but which may now be outdated, are available below.


Ready, Set, Wear It! Event Registration

Register your Squadron’s "Ready, Set, Wear It!" event for National Safe Boating Week by April 15, 2012, and the National Safe Boating Council will provide replacement cartridges so that you can demonstrate the operation of inflatable life jackets at no cost for cylinders.

Check out these two flyers for information (117KB PDF and 2701KB PDF).

Register your event at

Don’t delay! Your event must be registered by April 15, 2012 to qualify for free replacement cylinders. (11 Apr 12)

Emphasis on Classroom Education

Concerns and misconceptions have been raised regarding the priorities and direction of the Educational Department regarding classroom education, especially with regard to the alternatives of on-line and home study. Read about the Educational Department's direction in this PDF (283KB) document. (28 Nov 11)

User-Oriented HQ-800 Presentation

P/C Rick Vandemark, AP, SEO of Findlay Sail and Power Squadron in District 29, has prepared a 94-slide presentation in PowerPoint that shows how to use the new HQ-800 system with an ABC3 focus. The slides have notes to help explain the steps involved. Download the presentation here (PPT, 6288KB). A PDF copy (2974KB) is also available, showing two slides per page along with the associated notes for each slide. (23 Apr 11)

Laser Fire Extinguisher Training System Available

Originally funded by the Educational Fund, we now have three $12,000 laser fire extinguishing training systems. These systems help in training and practice with various types of fires using a simulated fire and a laser pattern projected from the extinguisher nozzle. Results are scored for time to extinguish the fire. This system is ideal for Boat Operator Certification and boating events. We recommend districts coordinate events. To see some pictures click here. To see the current schedule for the system, click here. More details are available on the Fire Extinguisher Training web page. (17 Apr 11)

New HQ-800 System Presentation

A presentation on the new HQ-800 course/seminar registration system given by its author, P/C Dan Bartell, SN, to the DEOs at the Annual Meeting is available here (253KB, PPT). Additional information is available in a PDF file (106KB) that was prepared prior to the Annual Meeting. (11 Feb 11)

Instructing USPS Programs to the Public

The USPS National By-Laws have been amended to remove the restriction against instructing courses to the public. Now, squadrons have the option of instructing any USPS program to anyone. We ask that you charge market prices for non-members and retain deep discounted costs for members as an inducement to join.  We also ask that you consider our partner organizations for discounts including U.S. Sailing, Coast Guard Auxiliary, BoatU.S., corporate members, and others. Pricing is a squadron prerogative. Please see “Guidelines: Squadrons/Districts Offering Educational Programs” for details. (20 Feb 10)

Educational Department Notice Regarding On The Water Policy

Now that USPS has moved aggressively into on the water training, it is essential that we maintain the highest standards to assure safety of all involved and minimize any liability or property loss. From this point forward, any on the water activity must use a program approved by the Boat Operator Certification and On The Training Committee and be pre-scheduled by the involved squadron or district. Please see EDN-90 for details. (20 Feb 10)

Orlando Storefront Presentation

Tom Kemp, USPS HQ Marketing Manager, will give a presentation in Orlando on the Storefront Concept for Seminars. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation (3355KB, PPT). (22 Jan 10)

Presentations to Promote Seminars

Two PowerPoint presentations are available to help promote USPS seminars. The Train-the-Trainer presentation (488KB) was provided at the 4-district conference in Hampton, NH.  It goes through the process and provides tips for planning and delivering seminars.  It also links to the second "Have Fun" presentation (6823KB) which can be used before each seminar to showcase USPS. (03 Jan 09)

Detroit Governing Board Presentations

Three presentations given at the Detroit Governing Board meeting in September are now available. The first is a slightly modified version of the EdDept Overview briefing given at the Open EdDept meeting (PPT, 6790KB), the second is the On The Water (OTW) presentation given by D/6 (PPT, 368KB), and the last is the insurance update presentation (PPT, 120KB). This version of the EdDept Overview briefing is the preferred presentation that DEOs might give to a Fall Conference audience beyond the SEOs. (07 Oct 08)

Educational Department Presentations from the Annual Meeting, February 2008

Presentations on EPIRBs (PPT, 6643KB) and the status of the USCG Rescue 21 (PPT, 4626KB) were provided by the Coast Guard to the DEOs and the Open EdDept meeting in Dallas. (10 Mar 08)

A PowerPoint presentation (5592KB), tailored for the Spring District Conferences, has been prepared based on what was presented at the Dallas Annual Meeting.  It includes narrative notes to go with the slides. (28 Feb 08)

Running the Old Maptech Digital Chart Training CD under Vista

Please note that the following instructions apply to a previous version (5.07d) of the Maptech CD. The latest version (5.08 for Windows XP/Vista) works fine under Vista without any special procedures. (Updated 09 Mar 08)

Maptech's Offshore Navigator (and related products, such as Offshore Navigator Lite and Chart Navigator Viewer) was created long before Microsoft Windows Vista was released. As you may be aware, Microsoft Vista is designed to restrict access to certain core components of the operating system, in order to make the system more robust and secure. Unfortunately, by doing this, older applications must be run "As Administrator" and in "Windows XP Compatibility Mode" in order to function correctly.  Click on this Maptech link to get instructions for how to do this.  Just a reminder, once you have this Chart Navigator software on this CD loaded and operating, you can download and use any charts you would like from Maptech following the “Download - Free NOAA Charts” link on this page.

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