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These short seminars are targeted to specific boating topics and needs, and include valuable take-away guides. This page is intended to provide the latest information for instructors and administrators on the available seminars.

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On The Water Guide for Man Overboard Seminar. An On The Water (OTW) guide for potential use in a Man Overboard seminar is available in the Downloads section. (28 Sep 12)

Erratum for the Basic Weather and Forecasting Seminar. Please delete bullet number four on page 3 under slide 8. This will eliminate the confusion between the rays angle and the angle of incidence. Also, the first three bullets adequately describe the concept. (22 Apr 12)

Additional Slides for the Tides and Currents Seminar. Additional slides showing tide and current information for east coast locations are available in the Downloadable Material section. (15 Jan 12)

Running the Maptech Digital Chart Training CD under Vista. Maptech's Offshore Navigator (and related products, such as Offshore Navigator Lite and Chart Navigator Viewer) was created long before Microsoft Windows Vista was released. As you may be aware, Microsoft Vista is designed to restrict access to certain core components of the operating system, in order to make the system more robust and secure. Unfortunately, by doing this, older applications must be run "As Administrator" and in "Windows XP Compatibility Mode" in order to function correctly. Click on the following link to get instructions for how to do this  Just a reminder, once you have this Chart Navigator software on this CD loaded and operating, you can download and use any charts you would like from Maptech following the “Download - Free NOAA Charts” link on this page.  (12 Apr 07)

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HQ-800/Boating Course Assistant

Use the web-based HQ-800 application to manage and record your student information. Alternatively, you can use the Boating Course Assistant PC program to manage and record your student information.

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Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the seminars, please contact the Assistant National Educational Officer by e-mail, phone or postal service mail.  Please be sure to keep your SEO and/or DEO advised of any correspondence you may have with the Assistant National Educational Officer. Addresses for the Assistant National Educational Officer are listed in The ENSIGN and on the Committee Chairpersons page.

We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, but please allow 5 working days for an answer.

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