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   Fall Governing Board      Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA

25-30 August 2015

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National Safe Boating Week 16 - 22 May 2015

North American Safe Boating Campaign

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2015-2016 Officers' Inter- Active Calendar (PPT) (District) (Squadron)

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Welcome to the Executive Department!

The Executive Department Committees are under the supervision of the national organization's Executive Officer,  V/C Louie Ojeda, SN (photo left).

The committees (listed on the left) are responsible for the functions generally described as external - and encompass primarily our "civic service".

Department Leadership is listed on the "Contact Us" page which can be accessed from the top pull down menu above.

Updates from the committees are featured on their committee websites as well as published in our on-line department newsletters.  Check the committee pages often for the latest information./

Also from the top pull down menus are links to Department Newsletters, Reports and Awards.

USPS members exhibit volunteerism at its best - the organization's members are all volunteers. Besides possible receipt of an annual payment of one Merit Mark to  members for service; members, as well as squadrons and districts, can be a recipient of one or more of the many  annual squadron, district and national awards that are available from the organization.

We encourage you to browse our site to find out more about USPS.  If you encounter any problems with the site, please report them to the Webmaster. 

  New District/Squadron Commanders Kits Online - Entries for P/R Contests (Scrapbook, Slides, Video) due 01 April  -  Members are encouraged to sign up at SailAngle.com - the communication platform for USPS members -  Go to the USPS Home page & click "Access SailAngle.com - Keep current - Members, update your personal info online - Click on the   "How Do I"  heading at the top of the USPS pages to locate the "Update My Personal Data Online" facility

Departmental Mission Statement

"To enable USPS squadrons and districts to achieve national visibility and name recognition, cultivate sustainable membership growth, and create new opportunities for member development and life-long learning through innovative and motivational approaches.

To enhance the capabilities of squadron and district leaders through enhanced communication, productivity aids, and opportunities to offer valuable membership benefits.

To identify and implement practical national initiatives and incentives supporting recreational boating safety."


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