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R/C Peter TenBrink, SN, Chairman

Our Mission

The mission of the Government and Partner Relations Committee (GPRCom) is to respond to government issues and regulations that impact upon recreational boating; pursue partnerships within Federal, State and Local government agencies; establish and maintain memoranda of understanding (MOU) with states and other organizations; and, to encourage homeland security initiatives in support of USPS programs.

Through its members working as State Legislative Representatives (SLR), GPRCom monitors and evaluates enacted and proposed legislation that impacts upon recreational boating, GPRCom notifies the Chief Commander, Board of Directors, Governing Board, and general membership of the latest legislative developments.

The committee also aids districts and squadrons on legislative and liaison matters. Both district and squadron legislative and liaison officers report to their respective executive officers. While districts and squadrons handle legislative and allied matters of a more localized nature, the districts’ legislative officers serve as a liaison between the national committee and the squadrons’ legislative officers. GPRCom’s SLRs act on behalf of their respective state, regardless of USPS district boundaries that may encompass more than one state.

GPRCom consists of 40 members who serve on one or more GPRCom teams: Administration, Homeland Security, USPS-USCG Auxiliary MOU Implementation, Partners/Liaison, State Legislative, and Lobbying.

USPS members have always had the right to address any legislative issue as individuals and as concerned boaters. On 4 December 2009 a revised lobbying policy was approved by the Board of Directors granting members permission to lobby or contact government officials on legislative matters under the advice and guidance of GPRCom. The new policy also encouraged USPS members serving on Area Maritime Security or other boating-related committees in their communities throughout the country.

Fostering boating partnerships is an important function of GPRCom. This is performed by coordinating state, mainly educational, agreements and establishing organization memoranda of understanding. Agreements in force, as well as model agreements, are on this GPRCom website under the heading, MOUs. Our committee also designates GPRCom member volunteers to serve as liaisons to key boating organizations, partners and government agencies.

In the wake of 9/11, homeland security is a critical function of GPRCom – The Committee assists the U.S. Coast Guard with its “America’s Waterway Watch” campaign and also promotes the USPS “America’s Waterway Awareness” program. In February 2009 USPS signed an Affiliate Agreement with Citizen Corps, a branch of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This collaboration promises to cultivate an extremely important civic service contribution on the part of all USPS members.

If you have an interest in serving on the Government and Partner Relations Committee, please contact R/C Pete TenBrink, SN at for more information, and be sure to update your resume at the Committee on Nominations site located on the USPS home page,
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