The Historian's Committee has entered the 21st century. No longer do your submissions need to languish in a drawer at headquarters. By using DB2000 to create and submit your Historian's Report, the submitted report will immediately be processed and added to an online database where it is available for reviewing and querying.
At present only reviewing past reports is available. But over time, querying facilities will be added to help you do historical research on your squadron or district reports. In addition, DB2000 already has a lot of the information that you need to include in your report, such as courses completed, organization structure, etc. So, using DB2000 is a win-win solution.
Documentation on acquiring and installing DB2000 and MQSeries is contained in this file Installing_DB2000.PDF. Remember to inform your District Historian that you have submitted your report using DB2000. If you need further help, subscribe to the DB2000 User Group mailing list at
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