Useful Internet Software

To check out other freeware and shareware, check out some of the following links:
This is only a partial list of shareware and freeware available out there. Some vendors also provide Apple and UNIX vesions.

There are many options, and this list is only meant to show some of the common and useful ones. These web sites are listed at the sole discretion of the web site administrator. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors.

Web Browsers

Google Chrome Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari Mozilla Firefox

Web Site Authoring

EVR First Page Sun StarOffice

Browser Plug-ins

Adobe Acrobat Reader Macromedia Shockwave

WordPerfect / MS Office

Microsoft Word Viewer Microsoft Power Point Viewer
Corel WordPerfect Viewer Microsoft KISSfp for FrontPage

Email and News Clients

Microsoft Outlook
Pegasus Mail Qualcomm Eudora

Ftp, Telnet, and ssh Clients

Filezilla GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP
Hilgraeve HyperTerminal PE PuTTY(ssh)

Compression Utilities


Virus Scanning

NAI McAfee Virus Scan Symantec Norton AntiVirus

Graphic Utilities

Alchmey Graphics Workshop JASC Paint Shop

Encryption Tools

PGP Freeware

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