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Members are seeking regular information to make their squadrons recognized as a “GO TO” organization for boating fun and skills.
The Marketing/PR Committee's newsletter “Keeping Up” which premiered in March 2011 brings many ideas being used by others to successfully to promote The United State Powers Squadrons.

Each past issue has brought ideas to the squadrons and districts for promoting USPS. The discussion and feed-back has brought insight  into communicating with the public and our members.

Issues will be available by clicking the Keeping Up logo at the top of the page for the most recent version or the link below for a list of all the published editions.

Topics will include:
•  The latest in USPS programs
•  How to tips for squadron successful PR      Campaign.
• Eighty-five USPS published boating articles for squadrons to adapt for local use.

Find all the KeepingUp editions here!

Marketing and Public Relations The Arts and Sciences of Creating a Call to Action and Causing a Change.



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