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100th Anniversary  Postage Stamp

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Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
United States Postal Service
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Arlington, VA 22209-6432

Re: Consideration of a 2014 Centennial Commemorative Stamp

Citizen’ Stamp Advisory Committee Members:

In 2014, the United States Power Squadrons’ 40,000 volunteer members will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organization's unique service to our nation. Six U.S. presidents have honored it. All fifty states and territorial governors have praised its important contributions in a joint 2004 proclamation. It is heralded as the nation's largest boating safety educator.

At the Boston Yacht Club in 1912, the United States Power Squadrons had its genesis as an innovative training division for operators of the newly available power boats. By 1914, Franklin Roosevelt, as Under Secretary of the Navy, realized its value and encouraged the formation of a national organization. In both world wars the Power Squadrons added the instruction of government endorsed naval training courses to its mission.

In recent decades its services have expanded. With the United States Coast Guard it has provided non-punitive vessel safety checks for recreational vessels. In support of the Department of Homeland Security initiatives, it has promoted citizen awareness and training. In a time of fiscal constraints, it has become one of the nation’s primary sources of nautical chart information for National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA).

As has been true for a century, its major mission is programs for safety information and education for boating interests and individuals in cities and towns. Today, its USPS University offers diverse courses, seminar offerings, and on-the-water training. It is the nation's major source for educating boaters and saving lives. For these reasons the United States Power Squadrons' members seek the issuance of a 2014 commemorative stamp in recognition of its valuable national service.


Frank A. Dvorak, SN

Chief Commander



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