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 UPDATED 02-04-15

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On 10 December 2014 US CG has sent me 2 new VSE tests & Files that are USPS Specific

New VSC Manual  (Click Here)
Test A - Click Here
Test B - Click Here

Instructors giving training and tests please contact me direct for answer sheets. R/C Mike Wiedel, JN-IN


 Test 1 - 10-24-2014 -
Text updates on Conduct VSC / Ambassadors / Does it Count files.

- The new updated VSC Manual is available.

New VSC Manual - Effective 06 OCT 2014

The purpose of this message is to announce the release of a new Vessel Safety Check Manual, effective 06 OCT 2014.

  All prior versions of the Vessel Safety Check Manual and the USCG Auxiliary Operational Facilities guide are canceled and superseded by this new version:

Members will notice that the Manual is now in a new format, consistent with a typical Commandant Instruction and other USCG Auxiliary Manuals.  The “comic book” feel and illustrations have been replaced by the new format, which is intended to be less ambiguous and more instructive for Vessel Examiners.  This change in presentation will also allow the Manual to be updated and corrected more frequently than we have seen in the past.

While the format of the new VSC Manual differs from the old, it does not represent any material changes to the Vessel Safety Check program.  Going forward, the VE mission will continue as it has previously, except the updated Manual will guide VSC activities and act as a stronger resource to build proficiency in USCG Auxiliary and US Power Squadrons Vessel Examiners.

In the coming months, I expect that an updated certification test and training will be released to complement the new Manual.  As details on the timing of those changes become available, our 9WR VE team will work to inform you of their timing and if they will impact any of our current certification procedures.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new Manual or the VSC program, please forward them on through your Chain of Leadership.

New Manual - Click Here

10-03-2014 -
List of VEs re-certified as of Oct 2014 (click here)

First view of the new MARPOL Placard.
Check Forms and Tools for a link to get MARPOL stickers (Click Here)

- VE totals for award purposes are gathered on info submitted up to 30 November 2014. Any VSCs after that date are only gathered for yearly totals.

- VEs should read this pdf. (Click Here)

- CG Marine Safety Alert.

04-23-2014 -
CG issuing temporary 'documentation papers' due to backlog. (click here)

- A question posed by a USPS VE and answered by the US CG Aux.


As far as I know, the USCG does not have an expiration date for the dry chemical fire extinguishers that we check as part of a VSC.  You addressed this in your comments on the VSC web site back in May 2012.
Yesterday, I bought two new Kidde Model 110 dry chemical extinguishers from West Marine  (1-A:10-B:C).  The label, printed in bright red, says:
“This product must be removed from service 12 years after date of Manufacturing per NFPA 10.  Year of Manufacturing located on the bottom of Cylinder.”
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is well regarded as a standard-setting organization.  Since these Kidde dry chemical extinguishers are widely used on smaller boats, what should you do when conducting a VSC when the extinguishers exceed the in-service date as established by NFPA?
Thanks very much for your help.

And the US CG AUX answer:

Hi Lee,

This has been an issue that has come up on the Auxiliary side and I have had many conversations with CGHQ about it. Their recommendation is that as long as the fire extinguisher is in good condition, not rusted, and the gauge is still in the green, pass the vessel and award the VSC decal. However, EDUCATE the boater as to the
manufacturer recommendation that the fire extinguisher should be replaced and removed from service after 12 years from the date of manufacture (or date stamped on the bottom).

CGHQ understands what the NFPA10 rule states, but the VSC is based on the CFR. There is no requirement to follow the NFPA 10. That's a manufacturer recommendation. For example, it is mandatory that new fire extinguishers are manufactured and sold with a mounting bracket, however, the fire extinguisher does not have to be mounted to pass the VSC.
Hope this helps,

- VEs can change their Zip Code when moving from northern to southern locations and vice-versa as 'snow birds' for the purpose of the 'I Want A VSC' location identifier. Just have a District or Squadron rep with a password to DB2000 enter the Zip Code change into the DB2000 data base. The change will be in effect within 7 days. Remember to change it back when you return home.

2-22-2013 - MARPOL Information ( Click Here )

Fire Extinguisher Info For VEs Update by ANSUL Technical Bulletin #45 (click here)


The USCG has come out with the 2013 VEPV Workshops. Although not specifically annotated for USPS, they are very applicable and useful for up to date training in USPS Districts and Squadrons. There are 5 modules and an Instructor Guide.
(click here)

NOTE: The new VSC Manual for 2014 is coming soon. Return often to check for news.