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2011 Awards

Top Districts in USPS

 1st Place    D/3

2nd Place   D/28

3rd Place    D/11

4th Place    D/7

5th Place    D/6


Top Squadrons in USPS


              1st Place    Jones Beach        D/3

              2nd Place   South Hills          D/7

              3rd Place    Biscayne Bay      D/8

              4th Place    Smith Mtn Lake    D/5

              5th Place    Shallotte River    D/27

Millennium Club
1000 VSC's Total

                    Angelo V. Giovanniello    Great South Bay    D/3

                    Robert D. Holub    Jones Beach        D/3
                            Special Note: Robert's 10th year in this Club
                            Robert has completed over 20,000 VSEs

                        Marjorie Baraff    Biscayne Bay    D/8

                        Virgil L. Boyt    Friday Harbor    D/16

                        William S. Heusser    Balboa    D/28
                             Special Note: William's 2nd year in this Club

                        Mary Kathryn Nesser    Port Clinton    D/29


Century Club
100 VSC's In A Single Year

            D/3   Angelo V. Giovanniello (6th year)    Great South Bay     111

            D/3   Robert D. Holub   (10thyear)   Jones Beach     2800

            D/5   John L. Paulus   (2nd year)   Ocean City     205

            D/5    V.E. David Brown   (3rd year)   Smith Mtn. Lake     101

            D/5   Arthur E. Cournoyer   (4th year)   Smith Mtn. Lake     185

            D/6   Bruce E. King   Iroquois   110

            D/6   Jonathan H. Phaler   (2nd year)   Iroquois     101

            D/6   Marshall R. Shear   (7th year)   Iroquois     159

            D/6   Michael R. Kelly   Rochester     104

            D/6   Kevin G. Parks   Rochester     116

            D/6   William R. Favro   Syracuse     100

            D/7   Robert A. Ball   (8th year)   Akron     101

            D/7   Kenneth B. Campbell   (7th year)   South Hills     128

            D/7   Morry Miller   (3rd year)   South Hills     283

            D/8   Marjorie Baraff   (9th year)   Biscayne Bay     120

            D/9   Mitchell Gawrysiak   (3rd year)   Detroit     100

            D/10 John T. Paprocki   Central Wisconsin      114

            D/13 Tish J. Cullen   (10th year)   Las Vegas     156

            D/16 Virgil L. Boyt   (7th year)   Friday Harbor     369

            D/19 John McMullen   (4th year)   Wawenock     103

            D/20 Bill F. Erdmann   (5th year)   Racine     128

            D/21 Daniel H. Joyce   (8th year)   Ft. Worth     104

            D/21 Betty A. Carr  (3rd year)   Galveston Bay     198

            D/21 James S. Hotop   (3rd year)   Houston     127

            D/22 J. Duggan Jordan Jr.   (3rd year)   Crystal River     108

            D/22 Thomas F. Rossini   (9thyear)   Crystal River     150

            D/22 James W. Cooke Jr.   (8th year)   Ft. Myers     204

            D/22 Thomas F. Krupa   (3rd year)   St. Petersburg     110

            D/22 Kimberly O’Gorman   (9th year)   Venice     128

            D/23 Bobby J. Bray   (3rd year)Daytona Beach     110     

            D/24 James H. Elwood   (5th year)   Evansville Bend     151

            D/27 Sonny Blanchard   (2nd year)   Shallotte River     118

            D/27 William S. Halkovitch   (8th year)   Shallotte River     124

            D/27 Byron L. Swayer   (2nd year)   Shallotte River     103     

            D/27 Milton B. Whann   (7th year)   Shallotte River     211

            D/28 Wesley S. Heusser   (7th year)   Balboa     683

            D/29 Dennis D. Ladd   (8th year)   Port Clinton     159

            D/33 Jose L. Martinez   (4th year)   Ponce     153


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The Safety VSC staff thank P/R/C Ron LaPlante, SN
for his work on compiling these awards

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