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UPDATED 05 April 2013

In response to recent calls concerning a need for additional VSC Decals from some District and Squadron VSC Chairs, I offer the following thoughts: 

Unless a need is an emergency, USPS Safety/VSC will work with District VSC Chairs and Squadron VSC Chairs ONLY effective 26 June 2012. To obtain decals to fill urgent requests and maintain accountability, requests will contain:

A.  District Number & District VSC Chair Name


A. District Number

B. Full Squadron Name and Squadron VSC Chair Name

C.   Full Mailing info ie., name, street, city, zip

D. Number of decals requested.

Your request, if approved and filled, will be annotated for future reference/accountability

Check the VSC Decal Tree ( click )

Individual VE's should contact their Squadron VSC Chair for additional decals.


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Stf/C Lee R. Chasse
USPS VSC Program Chair

Updated: 06/22/2012

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