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Updated: 08 Feb 2014

In response to recent changes to decal distribution, I offer the following thoughts: 

Unless a need is an emergency, USPS Safety/VSC will work with Squadron Commanders and Squadron VSC Chairs ONLY effective 01 Januaary 2014. To obtain decals to fill urgent requests and maintain accountability, requests will contain:

A.  District Number & Squadron VSC Chair Name

B. Full Squadron Name and Squadron VSC Chair Name

C. Full Mailing info ie., name, street, city, zip

D. Number of decals requested.
E. A note certifying that the Squadron/VE has utilizd 50% or more of their decals as of request date. NOTE: Decals for individual VEs requesting additional decals will first be verified via VSC reports submitted that the VE has utilized at least 50% of their issued decals at time of request.

Your request, if approved and filled, will be annotated for future reference/accountability

Individual VE's should contact their Squadron VSC Chair for additional decals. 


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Stf/C Lee R. Chasse
USPS Vice Chair Safety/VSC

Updated: 02/08/2014

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