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UPDATED: 24 October 2014

All Vessel Examiners and District & Squadron Chairs.

Recently questions have come up concerning what to count as a recordable VSC and it's relationship to issuance of decals to Districts and Squadrons.

Let's clear up the communications problem for all.

It seems some areas have concluded that they should not turn in VSCs that fail because they do not get credit for them. This confusion apparently comes from the way we explain how we calculate the number of decals to ship to each Squadron and District.

Without making this confusing in relationship to examinations done, whether passing or a failure, EVERY exam done by a VE is counted as a completed VSC for entry. You enter the passing exams and you enter the failing exam also. You get credit, as a VE for each.

The confusion comes up in the distribution of decals. Decals are recorded on the exams passed in which a decal is presented and attached to the vessel. It is those recorded decals that determine the next years distribution of decals.

1. The Vessel Examiners in a Squadron doing 100 passing (Decal Presented) Vessel Safety Examinations for that Squadron in 2014 will result in that Squadrons VSC Chair getting 100 decals PLUS 10% for distribution in 2015.

2. Every examination counts. EXAMPLE: As I complete a days visit to a marina, I have 5 7012 forms in my possession. 3 of them are marked passing and 2 are failures with a reason annotated. I enter my 7012 information that evening and record 3 as passing (no entry in the last column on the right) And 2 as failing which have an entry in the last column on the right on the VSC Submittal form.

3. The data base records those 5 for me as 3 passing and 2 failing but my total VSEs for the day and on my record is 5. Simple. If you do a VSC, you get credit whether it is a passing or failing exam.

5. What counts for decal ordering and mailing for the next year based on submitted examinations are the ones actually used which you present to the vessel owner on a 'passed VSC.'

Any questions please email the VSC Program Chair



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Stf/C Lee R. Chasse
USPS VSC Program Chair

Revised 07/04/2012

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