VSC Online Submittal Instruction

May 07, 2012
Amended 25 June 2012 

Revised 02/06/2006: to change treatment of vessels with no registration number - Changes are shown in magenta.

Revised 06/15/2006: to explain how data flows to the online VSC Reports.

Revised 02/01/2012 to update for expanded VSC data collection initiative

Revised 05/07/2012 to provide instructions for non- standard Hull Identification Numbers (HINs)

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Historically (prior to 2006), all the data from the VSC completion forms (7012/204) was manually typed into a database at USPS headquarters. This process was fraught with inefficiency, errors and time delays from the beginning. Your National VSC Committee worked with the headquarters staff and the IT department to create a much more reliable, efficient and timely process. This new process utilizes online recording of the VSC data by the districts or squadrons, whichever is your local procedure. Recent interest in collecting additional data about the vessel examined and the reasons for failure has resulted in a new online form.


Data can only be submitted for certified Vessel Examiners. Please assure that all VEs have been previously certified, by submitting the properly signed VSC-2 form to headquarters, before attempting to submit their VSC completions.

The Process

The District/Squadron VSC Chair is responsible to input and submit the VSC data. The responsibility for data integrity remains with the VSC Chairs. Where there is no Squadron VSC Chair, the Commander, or their designee, is responsible. The completed report forms cannot be saved to your computer, so you must print a copy for your own records. The 7012/204 forms are no longer to be sent to headquarters for any VSCs that have been recorded via this new process. The original completed 7012/204 forms are to be retained at the local level by the VSC Chair for at least one year after the year the VSC was conducted as a back-up system of checks and balance.

Member Certificate Number – The certificate number (one letter and six digits) for the VE who performed the VSC goes here for each individual VSC. This number will automatically define the VE, the squadron and district.  If the certificate entered is not a VE, the certificate will be replaced with “Not VE, DD, SSSS” where DD is the district number and SSSS is the squadron account of the member. Invalid Certificate will be displayed if the certificate entered does not belong to a member or if it is invalid.

VSC Date – This is the date the VSC was performed.

VSC State – Select the state in which the VSC was done from the drop down list.

From this point on, complete the data for each VSC, then click the Add button to move the data in the lower section. Then, enter the data for the next VSC, etc., etc., etc., until either the form is full or you have entered all the VSCs for this period. Note: Districts/squadrons should submit their data on a weekly basis.

This is a 24/7 system – your reports can be sent any time, day or night.

HIN – The HIN (Hull Identification Number) of the vessel goes here.


  • If the boat does not have a HIN use “NONE” (all UPPER CASE) for the HIN number.

  • If the HIN is less than twelve (12) digits, add zeros (0) to the end to equal twelve digits.

Type - Check the appropriate vessel type

Length - Check the vessel length category

Power - Check the primary type of power

Water - Check the primary location of the water where the vessel operates

Vessel Exam Pass - If the vessel passes no further checks are necessary. Simply click on the "Add" button at the bottom.


Reason for failure - Check all items that failed to comply with the VSC requirements

 Once the data for one VSC has been entered, click the "Add" button. Then enter the data for the next VSC and so on. When all the VSCs have been entered click the "Print" button to create a printed a copy for your records. Next, after you have printed your copy click the "Submit" button to send the data to headquarters.

  The "Add" button moves the completed data from input line to the body of the document

  The "Delete" button will delete any line of data that is highlighted.

  The "Print" button will print the current form including the data.

  The "Reset" button will reset/erase all data on the input line, including the member certificate number.

  The "Submit" button submits the entire page to headquarters.

Your help, cooperation and adherence to these few new changes in the program will serve to significantly reduce errors and the unreasonable workload we are now imposing on our National Headquarters Staff.

The VSC completion data, once input via this process, will be merged & posted to the online Reports pages on Friday each week depending on headquarters workload. Please be patient if your data does not show up right away.

Online Submittal Form - Click Here

Questions regarding this process should be addressed to P/R/C Bob Miller ~ boatsafe@comcast.net .

Thanks, in advance, for your help and assistance, The Vessel Safety Check Committee.