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 The Safety/VSC Chair was mailed by a member about being told 'This is my territory' when doing

 Vessel Safety Exams at a marina dock. He emailed me for clarification. I then contacted our partners

 in the US Coast Guard and they replied to me and also Coast Guard and CG Aux wide with this:

Reminder from DIR-V on Vessel Examiners claiming “territories” in which to perform VSC’s. 

It has come to the attention of the V Dept. that there have been a few, very isolated

incidents of examiners claiming specific local areas in which they perform VE’s.   i.e.:

certain piers\docks, marinas, etc.

With Memorial Day weekend just passed, this marks the official opening of boating

season for the majority of the recreational boating public. It’s also beginning the height

of VSC season for approximately the next 4 months throughout most of the country.  

I thought this may be the perfect time to remind all Vessel Examiners that performing

VSC's is not territorial in nature.

The V Dept. fully acknowledges, and appreciates the fact, that some Examiners have

built positive relationships with local boaters and marinas over many years; and we

acknowledge Examiners may routinely conduct the majority of their VSC’s at these


But that relationship in no way implies that the Examiner has any “exclusive rights” to

those facilities.  No Examiner should ask other Examiners to “stay away” from any local

facility areas.  This includes marinas, sporting stores, public access boating areas, and

certain local piers\docks.|

The VSC program is a cooperative one.  I want the U.S. Power Squadron and the USCG

Auxiliary working together for a common goal – that being “the safety and education of

the general boating public”.   If another Examiner shows up on what may be considered

another Examiner’s “familiar turf”; please welcome them, and thank them for joining you

in your effort to keep America’s boating public safe.


Kelly Townsend



Mike Klacik


Any questions please email the VSC Program Chair via the Webmaster link below


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Stf/C Lee R. Chasse
USPS VSC Program Chair

Updated: 06/12/2012

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