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Wear Your Life Jacket

Common sense - right? If you are not convinced on the value of wearing a life jacket, take a couple minutes (10) and watch the Cold Water Boot Camp Video.


The key to survival in cold water immersion is wearing a lifejacket whenever you are on or near the water. The goal is to keep your head and face out of the water while you either try to resuce yourself or wait for rescue to arrive. Here, we'll examine the different types of flotation equipment,what kind of protection each has to offer and also discuss how to maintain and test your devices to keep them in reliable and good condition.

Lifejackets fall into various categories depending on their usage for different levels of activity. Choosing the right one is usually a matter of personal preference, but the thing to remember is that it's best to have a device that will automatically keep your head and face out of the water and floating face up, especially if you become unconscious.

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