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Commander - Ronald Nackman, JN
Executive Officer - Ronald Ferina, JN
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Education Officer - Thomas J Peltier, SN
Administrative Officer - Jennifer Nackman, JN
Treasurer - Robert Henken, AP
Secretary - Steven Ender, AP
Environmental Committee
P/C Len Hecht, JN
Stf/C Thomas Peltier, SN
Boating Committee
P/C Ronald Ferina, JN
Audit Committee
P/C Ann Peltier, SN
Lt/C Jennifer Nackman, JN
     This is Thomas' second time around at Squadron Educational Officer. Why do it again? He loves it! After 3 years as District Educational Officer, Thomas returns to the squadron with many new ideas and programs. He enjoys power boating and Co-Operative Charting is his second love. As Tom says, “It’s a great way to get out on the water with squadron friends and family.”
    Jennifer is an avid sailor and is always ready to set sail. Along with her husband, Ron, they enjoy cruising on their 42ft sailboat: ESCAPE to Martha Vineyard and beyond never tiring of the beautiful scenery along the way. They enjoy commercial cruising and have cruised around the world accumulating thousands of wonderful photos journalizing their adventures. Want to enjoy a carefree afternoon on the water, give Jen and Ron a call, I bet they’ll have the sails up in no time.
    Bob joined the OBSPS back in 1972 and took advanced grades to achieve the grade of Advance Pilot. Although an avid sailor, Bob recently sold his sail boat and is relaxing with fellow club members. He enjoys sailing with other members and stepped up to Treasurer this year. Bob has been Flag Lt for the Cdr Ron for two years now and enjoys Oyster Bay’s cause and interactive meetings.
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    Ron is an avid sailor (recreational and competitive sailing) who has participated in the Marion-Bermuda Race (2013) and has many trips ferrying race boats to Newport, and return from Bermuda; each adventure bring another fantastic sailing story. He and his wife enjoy a busy life with work, family and squadron activities. In 2014, Ron was named Chapman Award winner (Educator of the Year) in District 3... a great honor for him and the squadron. Ron enjoys teaching, ABC, Seamanship and Sailing. Ron and Pat just became proud owners of a new sailboat which they plan to sail in the waters around Long Island and destinations unknown.
P/C Ann Peltier SN
P/Lt/C Donald Lustig, AP
Richard Robson, AP
Nominating Committee
P/C Ann Peltier, SN
P/C Thomas Peltier, SN
P/C Ronald Ferina, JN
Rules Committee
P/C Douglas Durfee, SN
P/C Dorthory Titus, JN
P/C Len Heht, JN
Ron has been a member of the United States Power Squadrons
for 46 years and has owned a succession of sailboats. He has
been sailing for 53 years. The combination of his power squadron
education and sea worthy boats has allowed these boats to take him to Cape Cod and the Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard as well as to the Chesapeake Bay. His current boat has taken him to Nova Scotia, most of the ports in Maine as well as to the Bermudas.
He enjoys teaching Piloting, every autumn, but is always ready to help ABC & Seamanship.
     Steve is a power boater and a new member of OBSPS. He and his wife Sharon joined last year after taking the USPS’s Seamanship Course. Steve looked to continue his boater education and signed up for Piloting and Advanced Piloting. In addition, Steve volunteered to be an active club member and stepped into the Ass’t Secretary’s position last year. This year Steve was nominated and, subsequently, elected to Secretary. Steve and Sharon, though busy with work and family enjoy boating around Long Island.
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