Boating Course Assistant is a program designed to help with the management of USPS public boating courses and seminars. Program by: P/D/C J. Kenneth Guscott, ITCOM
BCA700 version 7.1.0 is a minor revision which adds the State of Issue to the boating course certificates and wallet cards. This is a new requirement imposed by some State Authorities. The help documentation has been updated.

The BCA PowerPoint presentation has been completely revised in case anyone wants to make a presentation or use it as a tutorial. While the BCA user base may be declining with the advent of the HQ800 web based tools, BCA is in many ways easier to use and offers more features.
Major Features:
Include any State examination questions up to 20 as part of course.
Include up to 50 other additional questions if desired.
Print certificates and wallet cards.
Print ED-26 headers
Print a correct answer overlay on the ED-26.
Print PWC endorsement labels
Print Membership Application Form partially completed.
Keep database of student information by course (ED-46)
Calculate student examination score.
Perform a missed question analysis (optional)
Compile course statistics.
Make course reports using course statistics:
Keep attending staff in the database.
Make merit mark recommendations for attending staff.
DB2000 compatibility to simplify squadron data entry. 
Export / import class data between computers.
Export student data as Excel® compatible CSV file.
Email students from BCA to advise of course changes.
Upload / Download class data with USPS web site. 
This program is for USPS use only. It is not at all useful for the general public.
Important: Always "save" the file to a folder on your computer that is unrelated to BCA and then run it locally. A website issue will not allow the program to install from your browser.

Important: We have been getting reports that the install may raise an exception concerning the file "msscript.ocx". If this occurs just dismiss the message with no other action and let the install continue.

If when running BCA7 after install you get a script control error do this:
1. Right click the BCA7 desktop icon
2. Click "properties"
3. Select "compatibility"
4. Check "run this program as an administrator"
5. Click on "apply"
Also, select select for Windows XP compatibility.
Download BCA700_Install.exe (ver. 7.1.0)
Release date June 11, 2014

Sometimes at workshops an overview of BCA as a PowerPoint® presentation is useful.  This version has been revised to BCA version 7.1.0.

Date June 11, 2014 Using BCA with DB2000 will greatly improve it's squadron data retrieval capabilities including personnel data. It requires a password to download a roster file. This may be obtained from your squadron commander.
Download DB2000 from the linked website.
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